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  1. White Orchid & Succulent in Vase

    White Orchid & Succulent in Vase

    Gift Flowers HK makes it easy to access a fine selection of beautiful flowers, and our White Orchid & Succulent in Vase is just one of the many examples. Your loved one will adore our beautiful White Orchid and Succulent that make this luscious arrangement come to life, all delivered in a clear glass vase. Learn More

    Out of stock

  2. Creamy Molly

    Creamy Molly

    Our pristine white Eustoma is elegantly arranged by our expert florists with lush greenery inside a round gift box. These pure handpicked Eustomas are an ideal surprise gift for someone who brings pure joy to your life. Learn More
  3. Angelwing


    Roses are among the most desired flowers in the world, and it’s for a good reason too. These flowers arrive in a square box, offering between 9 to 12 stems or between 36 to 40 stems. They arrive in a pink, black and blue box, creating a pleasant present. This box of flowers is ideal for an anniversary, romantic occasion, or a special birthday. These flowers give you the perfect way to celebrate. Learn More

    Regular Price: HK$499.00

    Special Price HK$449.00

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  4. Roses in Black Round Flower Box

    Roses in Black Round Flower Box

    Show your love with a premium box filled with fully-bloomed, mesmeric roses. Learn More
  5. Garden Rose & Mini Roses with Vase

    Garden Rose & Mini Roses with Vase

    This "Orange Rose & Mini Roses with Vase" is a great house warming gift. The garden roses can brighten up any room and the mini roses also bring an extra touch of class. Learn More

    Out of stock

  6. Classic Red Roses with Gold Vase

    Classic Red Roses with Gold Vase

    Sometimes, classic is the way to go. This "Classic Red Roses with Gold Vase" is a perfect gift for Mother's Day and birthdays. It includes beautiful red roses that can make anyone's day even more special. Learn More

    Out of stock

  7. Little Succulent

    Little Succulent

    Succulents are ideal for gifting as they are beautiful and nearly indestructible. Arranged in small pots, they make great table centerpieces or can beautify your home décor or gardens. Succulents make amazing wedding & event favors! Learn More

    Out of stock

  8. Roses Box with Chocolate

    Roses Box with Chocolate

    This flower gift box is classy and elegant. With stems of the season's best roses, any woman would love it! It also contains a mini treat box with milk and dark chocolate. If you want to show how much you love your partner, this gift is just for you! Perfect for anniversaries and even if you just want to say "I Love You". Learn More
  9. Grand Harmony_Bluw

    Grand Harmony

    This flower gift box is a sensual and elegant mix of Hydrangea and Champagne Rose. A perfect harmony of colors and texture, this gift is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries or Mother’s day. This bloom box will surely cheer up any woman’s day. Learn More
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  10. Rosy Pink

    Rosy Pink

    Color their day with beauty by gifting your loved ones a stunning box of pink roses complimented with colorful seasonal foliage. Elegantly arranged in a round gift box it is perfect for any occasion to express infinite appreciation and love. Show your loved ones that your love will last eternally, just like the beauty of these roses. Learn More
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  11. Bridal Melody

    Bridal Melody

    A spectacular flower box for a stunning bride. This gorgeous combination of beautifully fragrant Mini Roses with full bloomed Hydrangea is an ideal gift for the lovely couple. Wishes for a wonderful life ahead with this elegantly arranged round gift box of flowers. Learn More
  12. Baby Breath Box Gift Set

    Baby Breath Box Gift Set

    This gift include stunning baby breath alongside a variety of other presents that suitable for men. Your significant other will adore this Men's society Gift Set all of which provide little items that a man needs. This gorgeous gift arrive in a Gift Flowers Hong Kong wooden flower box, making this the perfect choice for an anniversary, loved one's birthday or Father's Day.

    Learn More
  13. Purple Roses Bouquet

    Purple Roses Bouquet

    Purple roses are just as unique as the person you care about. Send a loving message with this amazing bouquet with each bloom offering a relaxed but passionate tone. Share your feelings of love and appreciation, or even simply friendship. The seasonal foliage underlying the blooms is ideal for any situation. Learn More
  14. Matthiola Bouquet

    Matthiola Bouquet

    The matthiola is a beautiful flower that can help to create a full, romantic bouquet just like this one. These Season’s Best flowers come in a variety of colors, each of which will look gorgeous on a shelf or desk. These flowers are majestic and symbolic of many emotions, including peace and appreciation. Send these items with a complimentary message card to show how much you care. Learn More
  15. Yellow Lilies Bouquet

    Yellow Lilies Bouquet

    Yellow lilies symbolize remembrance, making it the perfect choice for a number of special holidays. The yellow lily offers a refined sense of sweetness, which makes this bouquet ideal for so many occasions. They can help to remember a loved one who is gone, or they can show appreciation for a favor or job well done. For many, the yellow lily offers a sense of solemnity and grace. This group of 10 to 15 stems creates an alluring but sweet bouquet. Learn More

    Out of stock

  16. Little White Roses Bouquet

    Little White Roses Bouquet

    Not sure how to send the message that you adore somebody? White roses may be the key. This bouquet includes five stems of pure white roses, soft and supple. They rest on a bed of eucalyptus, which brings out the lovely coloring. This bouquet is elegant from top to bottom. Learn More
  17. Seasonal Peonies Bouquet

    Seasonal Peonies Bouquet

    Red and pink flowers make for a gorgeous assortment, and a bouquet full of peonies is no exception. Send the Red Peonies Bouquet today and see your loved one’s face fill with joy. Sitting among a bed of beautiful seasonal foliage, the peonies send a message of appreciation, richness and honor. Send this passionate bouquet to Mum, Dad, a friend or your significant other to commemorate a special day. Learn More

    Out of stock

  18. Pink Peonies Bouquet

    Pink Peonies Bouquet

    Do you love peonies as much as we do? These royal flowers practically spell out appreciation and majesty, and they look gorgeous in our Seasonal Peonies Bouquet. Send a meaningful gift with this beautiful combination of foliage and peonies, arguably the most graceful flower. This colorful bouquet is versatile, making a splendid gift for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or a new baby. Plus, it’s always nice to say, “I love you,” with flowers. Learn More

    Out of stock

  19. Lady White

    Lady White

    An stunning arrangement of Baby Breath would be the best gift to express your love to your dear ones. Brighten up their day with this round box of flowers. Get it today to remind your special ones about your true feelings. Learn More

    Out of stock

  20. Pink Roses Only Bouquet

    Pink Roses Only Bouquet

    Pink is the color symbolic of grace and elegance, and roses carry great meaning. Our Pink Roses Only Bouquet offer a sense of sweet romance, appreciation and gratitude. Express your admiration with 12, 24, 36 or 50 beautiful stems, which are perfect for saying thank you or for welcoming a new baby into the world. Get it right this year with this beautiful present. Learn More
  21. Little Flower Bouquet

    Little Flower Bouquet

    Mini flowers are more than petitie. They are also beautiful and fresh, offering a simple gift of appreciation. Our Mini Flower Bouquet is designed with the person you care about in mind, offering seasonal flowers fresh from picking. Celebrate a special occasion in your loved one’s life or simply express your gratitude with a fantastic arrangement that is always unique and lovely. Learn More

    Regular Price: HK$369.00

    Special Price HK$349.00

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  22. Little Roses Surprise

    Little Roses Surprise

    Big things come in small packages, and that is the case with the Little Roses Surprise. With five stems of roses and a backdrop of seasonal foliage, this bouquet speaks for itself.

    Whether you send this masterpiece to your spouse, significant other, or a lovely family member, you will be pleased with the results. Each small rose offers a healthy bloom to enjoy.

    Learn More
  23. 99 red Roses Bouquet

    99 Roses Bouquet

    When romance calls, it sometimes calls hard. Sometimes, this passion calls for 99 roses, and our 99 Roses Bouquet is the best way to handle that. Our long-stemmed roses are beyond impressive, allowing you to show just how passionately you love that special someone in your life. Send your significant other this giant bouquet to show your abundance of love for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or a special birthday. Learn More
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  24. Mini Ranunculus Bouquet

    Mini Ranunculus Bouquet

    Ranunculus represents radiant charm and unlimited attractive. Let's send the mini bouquet of ranunculus to conveys your greatly message to your sweetheart. Learn More

    Out of stock

  25. Mini Eustoma Bouquet

    Mini Eustoma Bouquet

    Eustomas are rereminiscent of happiness, joy and peace, which makes them a perfect gift for your special someone. Show your loved one your admiration and appreciation with this simple and elegant eustoma bouquet today. Learn More
  26. Pink Lady

    Pink Lady

    Want to send roses without the backdrop of foliage? This simple bouquet allows you to do just that. This bouquet offers 36 stems of pink and white roses, each one luscious and eye-popping. Let somebody special know that you love them with this fantastic bouquet, which is ready for display when it arrives. It is ideal for a romantic celebration, including an anniversary or a birthday. Learn More
  27. Romantic Red Roses Bouquet

    Romantic Red Roses Bouquet

    Red roses are the epitome of love’s beauty. That’s why we love the Romantic Red Rose Bouquet for every passionate occasion. Not only does the arrangement of flowers include large blooms, but the bouquet is sure to wow anybody who sees these gorgeous roses surrounded by ornithogalum, berzelia and seasonal foliage. Send this to somebody to show them exactly how much you love them. Learn More

    Regular Price: HK$899.00

    Special Price HK$799.00

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  28. Roses Only Bouquet

    Roses Only Bouquet

    Sometimes all you need are roses to express your emotions. We offer a splendid Roses Only Bouquet with 12, 24, 36 or even 50 stems, each one offering a gorgeous bloom in deep scarlet. These red roses are the epitome of warm love, passion and true affection. Spoil the one you love with a bundle of roses they can show off. Learn More
  29. Pink Roses & Mini Roses Bouquet

    Pink Roses & Mini Roses Bouquet

    Pink roses are sweet and romantic, symbolizing appreciation and admiration. Show your gratitude to somebody you love with our Pink Roses & Mini Roses Bouquet. The gentle flowers can express sympathy or show somebody that you love them. This floral arrangement offers an eye-catching blend of pink and red flowers, showing passion and adoration for your significant other. Our red mini roses and Season’s Best pink roses send an everlasting message your loved one will never forget. Learn More
  30. Red Roses & White Calla Lily Bouquet

    Red Roses & White Calla Lily Bouquet

    Is there a more majestic color combination than red and white? Our Red Roses & White Cala Lily Bouquet is regal and passionate. Such a delicate contrast between the Season’s Best deep red roses and the pure white cala lilies is unparalleled, and the results are eye-popping. Mum will love seeing these flowers on her counter on Mother’s Day or on a shelf after her birthday, and your significant other will adore them just because you were thinking of her. Learn More
  31. Roses in Blue Round Flower Box

    Roses in Blue Round Flower Box

    The more the merrier! Having many fully-bloomed, mesmeric roses held together marvellously is a divine sight to behold. Magnificent is the word as the number of roses increase when complimented with our minimalistic-designed flower bucket. Learn More
  32. Noble Red Roses in Round Flower Box

    Noble Red Roses in Round Flower Box

    An alternative to purely roses only collection, we have added a natural touch to achieve the feel of wild nobility for these bright red roses. Accompanied with our green foliages, one will always remember the other personality of roses - thorny beauty. Learn More
  33. purple_roses_pink_box

    Roses in Pink Round Flower Box

    Nothing screams exquisite romance like roses in a bucket. Grand and gorgeous, their ravishing beauty will impress even Snow White herself. Our minimalistically-designed flower buckets compliment the beauty of all sweetly bloomed roses. Nature's beauty at its finest. Learn More
  34. Seasonal Flowers in Round Flower Box

    Seasonal Flowers in Round Flower Box

    Spirited, rich and colorful, our Seasonal Flowers with Elegant Flower Box are arranged in bold hues, making it perfect for all joyful occasions. A great choice for romantic gestures or birthday celebrations, this flower box is the go-to gift for all of life’s sweet little moments. Learn More
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  35. Mini Roses in Round Flower Box

    Mini Roses in Round Flower Box

    Cute with a gentle touch of elegance. Mini roses are daughters of normal roses, only retaining their beauty with extra sweetness. These angelic sweethearts are here to impress and express! Learn More
  36. Pink Roses with Vase

    Pink Roses with Vase

    The beauty of a pink rose, which expresses adoration and admiration, is never overstated. Our Pink Roses with Vase comes with 12 beautiful stems of Season’s Best pink roses. The beauty of this gift will take your recipient’s breath away, providing gorgeous blooms and a smile. It all arrives in a clear glass vase, ready for display on Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or a birthday. Learn More
  37. Pink Eustoma with Vase gift idea

    Pink Eustoma with Vase

    The calming nature of the pink eustoma flower is unbeatable. This is what makes our Pink Eustoma with Vase such a popular choice.The presentation of these flowers invokes love and happiness, making it the perfect gift for a holiday or just an everyday treasure. Your recipient will love our Season’s Best pink eustomas presented in a clear glass vase and ready for display. Learn More

    Regular Price: HK$599.00

    Special Price HK$539.00

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  38. Starry Garden

    Starry Garden

    This floral arrangement is cheerful and bold, offering gorgeous flowers that will brighten the recipient’s day. In addition to the season’s best Mini Carnation, the bouquet also includes Eucalyptus and a selection of other seasonal foliage, absolutely perfect for a birthday or Mother’s Day. Learn More
  39. Mixed Hydrangeas with Vase

    Mixed Hydrangeas with Vase

    Are you looking for the perfect floral arrangement to represent your joy and appreciation for somebody special? Our Mixed Hydrangeas with Vase is an excellent choice, offering either pink and white, blue and white or pink and blue color combinations. Both beautiful stems are presented in an elegant glass vase, ready for display for a birthday or special occasion. Learn More
  40. Hydrangeas, Roses & Eustoma Centerpiece

    Hydrangeas, Roses & Eustoma Centerpiece

    Are you looking for a beautiful centerpiece for a dinner or corporate event? The Hydrangeas, Roses & Eustoma Centerpiece is the perfect choice. Friends and business acquaintances will be impressed with the sincerity and beauty of this gift, which includes white hydrangeas paired with purple roses. Seasonal foliage and a clear glass vase put the final touches on this wonderful office arrangement. Learn More

    Out of stock

  41. Gorgeous Centerpiece

    Gorgeous Centerpiece

    This Gorgeous Centerpiece is also bound to be the centerpiece of conversation at dinner or the next office meeting. This exquisite arrangement of flowers is perfect for any corporate event or personal celebration. Not only does the centerpiece include Season’s Best roses, but it also offers a lively medley of hydrangeas, tulips and seasonal foliage. These beautiful blooms come in a clear glass vase. Everybody in the office or at the party will look at the flowers and see their true beauty. Learn More

    Out of stock

  42. Elegant Roses & Eustoma Centerpiece

    Elegant Roses & Eustoma Centerpiece

    Sending a beautiful flower arrangement can really make the difference between a good holiday and a bad one or a pleasant office meeting or a stuffy one. Our Elegant Roses & Eustoma Centerpiece is a great choice for an office arrangement or a display for home. This compilation of blooms presented in a glass vase will provide a warm, inviting environment no matter where it is placed Learn More

    Out of stock

  43. Hydrangeas with Gerberas Centerpiece

    Hydrangeas with Gerberas Centerpiece

    A gift representing hope and purity never goes out of style. Send our Hydrangeas with Gerberas Centerpiece to invite joy and happiness into your loved one’s life. This stunning gift is available in white, offering Season’s Best hydrangeas and gerberas that are meaningful and beautiful. The seasonal foliage makes each luscious bloom stand out in the glass vase, creating a wonderful office arrangement. Learn More
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  44. Elegant Flower Arrangement in Vase

    Elegant Flower Arrangement in Vase

    Are you looking for something majestic and stylish to display at home? Perhaps you are looking for the perfect romantic present for your significant other. Our Elegant Flower Arrangement in Vase offers stunning blooms of white roses and pink mini roses, presented in a glass vase. Send it to home or work to create a special surprise for that special someone. Learn More

    Out of stock

  45. Mixed Roses and Sunflowers Bouquet hong kong delivery

    Mixed Roses & Sunflowers Bouquet

    The passionate intimacy of the rose is a great companion for the casual, sunny disposition of the sunflower. Our Mixed Roses & Sunflowers Bouquet is the perfect way to send a vibrat gift that that represents love, devotion and care. Each of our Season’s Best sunflowers is graced with a pink rose and green foliage, making it the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, an anniversary or simply to say, “I love you.” Learn More

    Regular Price: HK$699.00

    Special Price HK$599.00

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  46. Mixed Gerberas Bouquet

    Mixed Gerberas Bouquet

    Gerberas are reminiscent of innocence and purity, making them a beautiful gift for somebody you deeply care about. This is why our Mixed Gerberas Bouquet is so popular. Order our gerbera bouquet with two or three colors, with 18 to 30 stems of gorgeous flowers. These bright flowers are sure to bring a warm and radiant smile to your loved one’s face. This is a truly heartwarming gift just perfect for Mom, Dad, son, daughter or friend. Learn More
  47. Yellow & White Roses bouquet

    Yellow & White Roses bouquet

    While yellow roses once represented jealousy, they now represent friendship and caring. We love pairing these yellow roses with white roses, which exemplify respect and hope in our Yellow & White Roses Bouquet. Your recipient will enjoy 24 stems of gorgeous roses, each one conveying appreciation. This is a great gift for the office, Mother’s Day or as a get well soon gift. Learn More

    Out of stock

  48. Mixed Tulips flower Bouquet delivery

    Mixed Tulips Bouquet

    Are you looking for a stunning hand-tied bouquet of delicate tulips to surprise somebody you care about? Our Mixed Tulips Bouquet is the perfect choice. Tulips are always stylish and cheerful. Our seasonal blooms are professionally arranged with 18 to 24 stems in three gorgeous colors. Send this gorgeous gift for an anniversary, birthday, holiday or just because you feel like it. Learn More
  49. Colorful Tulips Bouquet  hong kong delivery

    Colorful Tulips Bouquet

    Are you looking for a gorgeous bouquet of seasonal tulips for that special someone in your life? The Colorful Tulips Bouquet offers 20 to 24 stems of varying colors, all hand-tied by a professional florist and seasoned with other foliage. This is the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or a birthday, ensuring that whoever receives it will absolutely fall in love with it. Learn More
  50. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink

    Who says that bouquets have to bright and bold? This one is soft, offering mixed white and pink roses that set the tone for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or a special birthday. The roses sit in a bed of seasonal foliage that truly makes their colors pop. Learn More
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  51. Pink & Purple Roses flower Bouquet delivery

    Pink & Purple Roses Bouquet

    Pink and purple are gorgeous colors, but roses in these hues also offer tremendous meaning. Dark pink roses represent gratitude, and lighter tones emphasize gentle affection. Purple is not without significance. Purple symbolizes royalty, but it also expresses love at first sight. This makes our Pink & Purple Roses Bouquet a romantic gift to use to spoil somebody you love. All 24 blooms are full and beautiful, offering grace and elegance. Learn More

    Regular Price: HK$799.00

    Special Price HK$699.00

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  52. Pink Eustoma Bouquet free delivery

    Pink Eustoma Bouquet

    Eustoma is a flower intended to represent calmness and thoughtfulness. Our Pink Eustoma Bouquet offers a gorgeous gift for an anniversary, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. This is a simple bouquet featuring pink eustoma that is elegant and aromatic, offering a warm and crisp pink hue. Our stylish bouquet arrives ready for display for a holiday gift or special occasion. Learn More
  53. Pink Lilies & Roses Bouquet

    Pink Lilies & Roses Bouquet

    What speaks louder than a stunning bouquet? Our Pink Lilies & Roses Bouquet offers long stems of 50 centimeters with premium blooms symbolizing elegance and purity. Our lovely pink lilies complement the elegant roses and seasonal foliage. Send this gorgeous bouquet for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or even just because you feel like sending a positive message to somebody you care about. Learn More
  54. Mixed Lilies Bouquet

    Mixed Lilies Bouquet

    If you are looking for a stunning presentation for that special someone in your life, consider our Mixed Lilies Bouquet, a classic gift with pink lilies and the season’s freshest foliage. If you are looking for the perfect gift to embody elegance and purity, you won’t find anything classier. Seasonal foliage makes each lily stand out, creating the ideal bouquet for a new baby, birthday or as a get well soon present. Learn More

    Regular Price: HK$699.00

    Special Price HK$649.00

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  55. Champagne Roses with Vase

    Champagne Roses with Vase

    Champagne roses are a fantastic gift for that special someone in your life, but the present is sweeter when the flowers arrive in a gorgeous vase. Our Champagne Roses with Stylish Vase delivers exactly this, surrounded by fresh seasonal foliage. It all comes in a glass vase and a complimentary message card. Send this special vase for an anniversary, birthday or romantic holiday. Learn More

    Out of stock

  56. Red Carnation Bouquet

    Red Carnation Bouquet

    Red carnations are special because they represent admiration and affection. Why not express your love for somebody with our Red Carnation Bouquet? This special arrangement of carnations rests among a bed of seasonal foliage, making it a great casual gift. You can make it more formal by sending it alongside a bottle of Moet & Chandon or a box of Venchi chocolates. Send it to your beloved for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, or ship it to Mum for a fantastic Mother’s Day present. Learn More

    Out of stock

  57. Roses & Spa Voucher Gift Basket

    Roses & Spa Voucher Gift Basket

    Celebrating that special someone in your life is as simple as ordering the Roses & Spa Voucher Gift Basket. With it, your loved one receives much more than an elegant splash of color. This gift hamper also comes with a W Hong Kong Spa Massage that is perfectly suited for anybody who needs that luxurious full body massage and wax wrap. The beautiful presentation of the spa voucher is spectacular as it sits among 10 short stems of Season’s Best red roses and seasonal foliage including Fresh Sea Lavender and Dianthus Chinensis. The result is a beautiful sea of red, purple and pink flowers. Learn More

    Out of stock

  58. Red Roses & Spa Gift Set

    Red Roses & Spa Gift Set

    Actions speak louder than words, so let your romantic gift express your love. Our Red Roses & Spa Gift Set offers the perfect opportunity to share your passion. Alongside a bed of 12 deep red roses is a gift voucher for a W Hong Kong Spa Massage that allow for a full pampering session. This gift comes in a wooden box that is designed for elegant display and long-lasting memories from Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or simply just because. Learn More
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  59. Red Roses with Vase

    Red Roses with Vase

    A beautiful floral arrangement can make waves. Our Red Roses with Vase is a stunning bouquet that is impressive and shows admiration. All 12 stems of Season’s Best roses show up in a clear glass vase, ready for display on a shelf at home or on a desk at the office thanks to Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or a special birthday. Learn More
  60. White Lilies with Vase

    White Lilies with Vase

    Lilies have the power to say it all. Our White Lilies with Vase arrive with a beautiful presentation that can turn anyone’s day around in a moment’s notice. This gift includes gorgeous white lilies surrounded by seasonal foliage in a clear glass vase. The white lily is often a symbol of mother’s undying love, making it a great gift for Mother’s Day, but it is also a wonderful gift for an anniversary, birthday or new baby. Learn More
  61. Hydrangea in Wooden Box

    Hydrangea in Wooden Box

    The hydrangea is a beautiful color symbolize heartfelt feelings and appreciation. This is what makes our Hydrangea in Wooden Box gift a beautiful present. Choose the perfect color (blue, pink or white) and a beautiful flower will arrive in a wooden box that is perfect for display at home or in the office. The seasonal flowers will look fantastic in a clear glass vase, and your personal note will enhance the message. This is the perfect sentiment for Valentine’s Day, a birthday or to wish somebody well. Learn More
  62. White Lilies Flower Bouquet

    White Lilies Flower Bouquet

    A beautiful combination of flowers can express a wonderful message of love, admiration and peace. Our White Lilies Flower Bouquet sends a positive message with its white lilies and pure eustomas, each of which is pure and graceful in its perfection. White lilies are symbolic of devotion and humility. This perfect gift is excellent for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or any other holiday. Learn More
  63. Classic Pink and White Roses with Vase

    Classic Pink and White Roses with Vase

    Pink roses, symbolic of adoration and grace, pair well with the elegance and purity of white roses. This is why we love our Pink and White Roses with Vase arrangement, which is beautifully arranged to provide hours of beautiful atmosphere. All 12 stems offer luscious blooms for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or simply just because. Learn More
  64. Elegant Peonies Bouquet

    Elegant Peonies Bouquet

    You can never go wrong with an elegant bouquet, whether you are sending a romantic gift or simply wishing your mother a happy birthday. We love the Elegant Peonies Bouquet, which is unique and beautiful with its combination of delicate roses, graceful eustoma and lush peonies. Send this bouquet of muted, subtle colors for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or to welcome a new baby. Learn More

    Out of stock

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Choosing the perfect flower for any occasion can be quite difficult, but that does not mean you should settle for less. Your loved ones deserve to receive beautiful flowers, but how do you choose the right style for the people you care about? We can help make the decision easier.

The style you choose can represent the occasion. Standing arrangements are typically designed for memorial services and corporate events, but this does not always have to be the case. On the other hand, bouquets are typically informal. No matter the scenario, Gift Flowers HK can help.

Here are some of our favorite arrangement styles:

  • Flower Stands – The Glamorous Flower Stand is one example of our beautiful arrangements. This option includes stylish foliage mixed with pastel flowers. These stands are best suited for corporate events, grand openings and even memorials.
  • Vases – We offer several types of vase arrangements. For instance, our Single Hydrangea with Round Vase is a beautiful display of love. Rectangular vases are also popular options.
  • Wooden Box – This is a beautiful way to send flowers. Hydrangea in Wooden Box is a beautiful gift that is perfect for the home or office and suitable for any occasion.
  • Gift Set – Gift sets are great for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Our I Love You Roses Gift Set comes with shower gel and champagne to make for a relaxing and romantic evening.
  • Of course, we also offer simple bouquets. Our Mixed Lilies Bouquet is a perfect choice. The pink lilies with a background of seasonal foliage is undeniably beautiful.

  • The Perfect Blooms from Gift Flowers HK

    You will find a wide variety of flowers with Gift Flowers HK. The premier Hong Kong florist is available online, and ordering any style is simple. Whether you need a standing arrangement for an event or you wish to order a box for your spouse, we have everything you need to make somebody feel special today.

    Each of our arrangements is stylish and classy, no matter which kind you choose. Our beautiful bouquets, vases and boxes may include roses, hydrangeas, lilies, peonies and much more.

    Call Your Flower Experts Now

    Ordering flowers has never been easier than with Gift Flowers HK. Use our website to track your order and see exactly when we deliver your beautiful arrangement.

    Make your next choice a good one with Gift Flowers HK. Our wide array of styles will please anybody you care about.