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  1. Delightful Flower Stand

    Delightful Flower Stand

    Congratulate somebody you care about with our Delightful Flower Stand. Order this perfect gift with or without a stand, depending on your needs, and see the smiles emerge. Share a message of congratulations or wish a friend success with our beautiful arrangement of red ginger lilies, chrysanthemums and carnations, all surrounded by seasonal foliage. Add a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label Champagne for some extra celebration. Learn More
  2. cheerful_gerberas_lilies_flower_stand2

    Cheerful Gerberas & Lilies Flower Stand

    The right floral stand can send a message of excitement and fun. This stand appears almost tropical, offering orange gerberas that pair well with the elegant spray of white lilies. The giant leaves provide a lovely background. The flowers match fantastically and the seasonal foliage provides the perfect accompaniment. Learn More
  3. graceful_gerberas_lilies_flower_stand2

    Graceful Gerberas & Lilies Flower Stand

    Flower stands can send meaningful messages to loved ones near and far, and the Graceful Gerberas & Lilies Flower Stand is no exception. This flower stand boasts pale pink gerberas matched with seasonal flowers in deep purple. Lilies are added to the flower stand as a lovely accent. All these flowers rest on a bed of green foliage for a forest green backdrop. Learn More
  4. glamorous_sunflower_gerberas_flower_stand1

    Glamorous Sunflower & Gerberas Flower Stand

    Sunflowers and gerberas are both beautiful blooms with the power to light up an entire room. Gerberas are pleasant and bright, while sunflowers are warm and explosive. In this arrangement, the flowers rest on a bed of seasonal foliage. This stand is the perfect congratulatory gift with its cheerful flowers and delightful colors. Learn More
  5. hopefulness_flower_stand_2016

    Hopefulness Flower Stand

    Flower stands are commonly displayed at stage shows, corporate events, and business openings. The Hopefulness Flower Stand is a great choice to display, coming in two different sizes. These stands offer a lovely mixture of lilies, gerberas, roses, and seasonal foliage. Anybody will be proud to welcome and greet guests with this stand, representing good fortune for the future. Learn More
  6. Joyous Rising Flower Stand

    Joyous Rising Flower Stand

    Wishing to send some pleasant cheer for a grand opening, corporate event or stage show? Our Joyous Rising Flower Stand is sure to do the trick. The blend of orchid mokara, onicidium, gerbera and anthurium is surrounded by other seasonal foliage, offering a beautiful arrangement of florals you don’t want to miss. Congratulate somebody special on their new endeavor with this fantastic flower stand. Learn More
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  7. The Bright Garden Flower Stand

    The Bright Garden Flower Stand

    Send something beautiful and reminiscent of a gorgeous outdoor garden with our Bright Garden Flower Stand. The quaint arrangement stands tall, using pink and pastel colors amidst a sea of seasonal greens. This amazing stand includes a unique mix of orchids, gerberas, protea snow queens and matthiolas, making it the ideal present for a store’s grand opening, a corporate event or a loved one’s new stage show. Learn More
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  8. Well Wishes Flower Stand

    Well Wishes Flower Stand

    Wishing somebody well does not have to be an austere activity. Show your appreciation and love with our Well Wishes Flower Stand. This is a great choice if you want to share a blessing, wish somebody cheer, show good will toward another company or congratulate somebody on a new business venture. What could be more majestic than this arrangement of eustoma, lily, statice and anthurium blooms? Learn More
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  9. Glamorous  Grand Opening Flower Stand

    Glamorous Flower Stand

    Pastel flowers are chic and sweet, making the Glamorous Flower Stand a perfect choice. Pink, blue and purple blooms are incorporated into this stand for a luxurious grand opening or corporate event. Each lily, gerbera, delphinium and hydrangea bloom is surrounded by seasonal foliage, making it a welcome treat. Congratulating somebody you care about on a stage show? Visiting your friend’s new business? This is a fantastic idea either way. Learn More
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  10. Elegant Flower Stand

    Elegant Flower Stand

    A flower stand can send a grand message, unveiling a lovely message of appreciation and congratulations. Send our standard or large Elegant Flower Stand to your friend’s grand opening or a corporate event. This luscious flower stand offers an abundance of seasonal flowers, including cabbages, roses and other matching flowers, all surrounded by seasonal greenery that makes those colors pop. Express your congratulations by adding a bottle of champagne too. Learn More
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  11. Prosperity_Flower_Stand

    Prosperity Flower Stand

    Wish your loved one bundles of success with our gorgeous Prosperity Flower Stand. Order this stand in our standard or large size to view our premium seasonal flowers, each one selected by a professional floral designer. This arrangement offers hydrangeas, roses, delphinium, cabbages and seasonal foliage. The mixture of flowers symbolizes harmony and prosperity, and adding a bottle of champagne is great for a celebration. Learn More
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  12.  Exquisite Grand opening Flower Stand

    Exquisite Flower Stand

    Flower stands are more than eye-catching -- they are also meaningful and harmonious with the backdrop of a special occasion or event. Our Exquisite Flower Stand sends a strong message with its pink flowers, each of which represents success. Send this flower stand for a grand opening or for a stage show. Your loved one will love this mix of pink roses, delphinium, cabbage and seasonal foliage. Learn More
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  13. Congratulations Grand Opening Flower Arrangement

    Congratulations Flower Arrangement

    Are you looking for a new way to express your congratulations to somebody you care about? Our Congratulations Flower Arrangement is stunning with its diversity of blooms, ranging from birds of paradise to gerberas. The assortment offers gorgeous dendrobium orchids and seasonal foliage, all on a large flower stand to usher your loved one into an era of prosperity and success. Order this gift for a corporate event, graduation or other special occasion. Learn More
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  14. grand opening Flower Stand

    Warm Blessing Flower Stand

    Embrace a warm and lovely arrangement of flowers with our Warm Blessing Flower Stand in our standard or large size. The earthy tones of this stand makes it the perfect choice for a corporate event, stage show, grand opening or house warming party. Brighten your home with this eclectic mix of gerberas, daisies, heliconia and cabbage surrounded by seasonal foliage. Learn More
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  15. Gerberas & Chrysanthemum Flower Stand

    Gerberas & Chrysanthemum Flower Stand

    What is better than a gorgeous flower stand to congratulate a special person in your life? Our Gerberas & Chrysanthemum Flower Stand comes in standard and large sizes, offering well wishes for success. The beautiful arrangement of orange gerberas and yellow chrysanthemums create a stunning appearance that is perfect for a celebratory event or a store’s grand opening. Each flower is surrounded by seasonal foliage, creating a burst of color you won’t forget. Learn More
  16. Grand Opening Flower Stand

    Grand Opening Flower Stand

    If you are looking for the perfect flower stand for a corporate event, grand opening or other special occasion, the Grand Opening Flower Stand is for you. The grandeur of this flower stand is heightened by the mix of gerberas, delphinium, birds of paradise and hydrangeas, all surrounded by seasonal foliage. Send one to a business partner, family member or friend to congratulate them on something special. Learn More
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  17. White Cross Wreath Condolences flowers

    White Cross Wreath

    Sending condolences can be difficult, but our White Cross Wreath offers a symbol of purity and peace for a family grieving. The stand of white roses mixed with fresh orchids and peace lilies also offers gorgeous foliage that is in season. This is the perfect choice for a funeral or memorial service. White flowers are a symbol of peace and purity, allowing you to send a real message of sympathy. Learn More
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  18. Sympathy Roses Funeral Wreath

    Sympathy Roses Wreath

    The end of a life is always a tragedy for those left behind. A wonderful floral wreath can send sympathy and condolences, honoring the life of a loved one. Our Sympathy Roses Wreath does exactly this, sending a heartfelt message of love and support during an otherwise heartrending time with elegant roses in white. The seasonal foliage complements the gorgeous flowers on the wreath. Learn More
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  19.  Mixed Roses & Lilies Sympathy Wreath

    Mixed Roses & Lilies Sympathy Wreath

    Expressing condolences can be difficult enough without flowers, but sending a beautiful wreath can help you express your sympathies. The Mixed Roses & Lilies Sympathy Wreath incorporates gorgeous white lilies, chrysanthemums and roses. Each of these flowers symbolizes eternal life, innocence and purity. The peace you send with this wreath will help the recipient find solace. Learn More
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  20. Graceful Roses Condolences Wreath

    Graceful Roses Wreath

    Roses and lilies are a graceful combination, making them the perfect flowers to send a loved one during a difficult time. Our Graceful Roses Wreath offers a simple but elegant design on a wooden stand, establishing your condolences in a delightful way. The stand includes lovely gomphocarpus, pure roses and peace lilies, all of which are beautiful sympathy flowers that send a strong message of resilience. Learn More
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  21. Lilies, Gerberas and Cabbage Wreath hong kong florist

    Lilies, Gerberas and Cabbage Wreath

    A solemn flower stand or wreath can send a message of sympathy and condolences, and white flowers send a meaningful message of solace. The Lilies, Gerberas and Cabbage Wreath is solemn and soft, perfect for any funeral. The seasonal white flowers will appear divine and professional, offering your well wishes even if you are unable to make it to the funeral. Learn More
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  22. Lilies, Gerberas and Roses Sympathy Wreath

    Lilies, Gerberas and Roses Wreath

    White flowers send an eloquent message that words cannot always convey. Our Lilies, Gerberas and Roses Wreath conveys a message of sympathy and solemnity. Solemn white flowers surrounded by seasonal foliage are the perfect choice for a funeral or memorial service. The white roses symbolize innocence and sympathy, whereas the white gerberas add some air of cheer and a sense of friendship. Learn More
  23. Gerberas and Chrysanthemum Sympathy Wreath

    Gerberas and Chrysanthemum Wreath

    A beautiful wreath to adorn the home can make all the difference in creating a welcoming look. Every time your loved one sees it, they will think of your generosity during a difficult time. Send our Gerberas and Chrysanthemum Wreath to see just how beautiful these flowers look together in white and yellow for an upcoming funeral. This gift will express your condolences in a way no other flower stand can. Learn More
  24. Sympathy Stylish WreathM, Condolences flowers

    Sympathy Stylish Wreath

    Showing sympathy does not have to be done in a drab manner. Our Sympathy Stylish Wreath is designed with simplicity and beauty in mind, creating a beautiful presentation fit for any funeral or memorial service. The white roses, gerberas, peace lilies and delphinium create a calm and peaceful aura. The seasonal foliage makes this stand perfect for expressing condolences. Learn More
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Flower Stands

Flower stands offer beautiful gifts. Send someone special a flower stand to show how much you care. While not a traditional gift, the flowers can still be symbols of classic love and care.

No matter the occasion, a beautiful flower stand can send a lovely message. These are just perfect for corporate grand openings, but they also work for memorial services and other events. Stands from Gift Flowers HK include beautiful blooms everybody will enjoy.

Here are a few of our favorite flower stands you can use for your upcoming event:

  • The Mixed Roses & Lilies Sympathy Wreath is a great choice for a funeral or memorial. This wreath also contains a beautiful assortment of chrysanthemums. The entire wreath symbolizes eternal life and purity.
  • Our Bright Garden Flower Stand offers a quaint display of colorful flowers that look beautiful. The stand includes orchids, gerberas, protea snow queens and matthiolas. This is a great choice for a grand opening or corporate event.
  • We love the Well Wishes Flower Stand for its ability to express positive emotions. This flower stand is represented by a wonderful mix of eustoma, lilies, statice and anthurium with a backdrop of seasonal foliage.

  • Flower Stands with Gift Flowers HK

    Gift Flowers HK is the premier online florist for the Hong Kong metropolitan area. In fact, we even offer free delivery within our metropolitan area. This ensures that you pay only the most affordable price for flowers for your next occasion or event.

    Each of our flower stands includes beautiful blooms, including everything from calla lilies to sunflowers. Each flower is suited perfectly for your occasion.

    Reach Your Local Flower Experts Today

    Ordering flowers online can help make your big day so much more special. Our website allows you to easily find an arrangement that is customized for your needs and the occasion. We also allow you to order flower stands and track their delivery.

    Gift Flowers HK offers a wide range of beautiful floral stands. Order one of our arrangements today to see for yourself.