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As graduation season rolls in, more and more people realize the powerful message a bouquet of flowers can send. Surprising a friend or family member with a floral bouquet is a simple gesture with big meaning. Graduation flowers are the perfect gift for a special person in your life. Even if you cannot be there in person to congratulate a loved one, you can show that you are there in spirit.

So many flowers are perfectly suitable for a lovely graduation ceremony. Selecting the right arrangement of flowers to send can help you send your congratulations wholeheartedly.

Roses are a tried and true favorite, as they convey so many meanings. If you are unsure what kind of flower to send, roses are always a safe bet. Yellow and pink are perfect for a new graduate.

Orchids are also a fantastic choice. They are exotic and fragile, but rewarding to view. Orchid plants can also live for long periods of time, providing a long-term gift.

The type of flower you choose to send a new graduate is important, as are the colors you select for your bouquet. Send your congratulations with the perfect arrangement.

Here are some of our favorite graduation arrangements:

  • Mixed Roses & Sunflowers Graduation Bouquet comes with five stemmed sunflowers on a bed of seasonal foliage and roses. This stunning bouquet allows you to send your best wishes to new graduates directly.
  • Our Gerbera Graduation Bouquet includes more than 15 blooms. These gerberas are commonly associated with innocence, but they are also perfect representatives for vibrancy. The colors create a lovely representation of life ahead of the young scholar.
  • We offer a Dazzling Sunflower Graduation Bouquet that is sure to light up any room. These flowers are optimistic and bright, welcoming the future ahead.
  • The Stylish Baby Breath Bouquet is another favorite. Baby breath is a lovely backdrop for other flowers, but it also looks elegant on its own.

  • Gift Flowers HK Offers Graduation Bouquets

    As Hong Kong’s premier online florist, Gift Flowers HK offers a variety of graduation bouquets to choose from. Each arrangement of blooms includes gorgeous flowers. You can count on us to craft gorgeous bouquets that speak to your graduate’s success.

    Order from the Experts

    With Gift Flowers HK, you can easily order graduation flowers online. This even allows you to track the delivery of your flowers if you do not get to be there in person when they arrive. No matter the case, your new graduate will be sure that you care. We understand what it takes to share a congratulatory message, and each bouquet sends a strong message of love and pride.