Corporate Grand Opening

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  1. Delightful Flower Stand

    Delightful Flower Stand

    Congratulate somebody you care about with our Delightful Flower Stand. Order this perfect gift with or without a stand, depending on your needs, and see the smiles emerge. Share a message of congratulations or wish a friend success with our beautiful arrangement of red ginger lilies, chrysanthemums and carnations, all surrounded by seasonal foliage. Add a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label Champagne for some extra celebration. Learn More
  2. hopefulness_flower_stand_2016

    Hopefulness Flower Stand

    Flower stands are commonly displayed at stage shows, corporate events, and business openings. The Hopefulness Flower Stand is a great choice to display, coming in two different sizes. These stands offer a lovely mixture of lilies, gerberas, roses, and seasonal foliage. Anybody will be proud to welcome and greet guests with this stand, representing good fortune for the future. Learn More
  3. Classic Orchid Arrangement

    Classic Orchid Arrangement

    Orchids are not only fascinating but are harmonious too. No other flowers can match the angelic charm of your loved ones. Gift these seasons best orchids potted in a beautiful exclusive orchid pot to charm and bewitch your dear ones. Ideal for gifting on New Year or congratulating on the grand opening of a business or office. Learn More
  4. Premium Magenta Orchid Arrangement

    Premium Magenta Orchid Arrangement

    If you are looking for an elegant and stylish gift for Chinese New Year, Celebration or Grand Opening, consider the Premium Magenta Orchid Arrangement for a pleasant surprise. This gift set includes magenta orchid, a delicate flower that looks gorgeous at home or in the office. It also comes with an exclusive Orchid pot perfect for a comfortable day in. Learn More
  5. Graceful Orchid Arrangement

    Graceful Orchid Arrangement

    Make your loved one smile with our Graceful Orchid Arrangement This set offers purple orchid that your loved one can admire. Orchids are graceful, elegant and exotic, representing strength and virility. Send this gift for Chinese New Year, a corporate gift or to any celebration. Learn More
  6. Joyous Rising Flower Stand

    Joyous Rising Flower Stand

    Wishing to send some pleasant cheer for a grand opening, corporate event or stage show? Our Joyous Rising Flower Stand is sure to do the trick. The blend of orchid mokara, onicidium, gerbera and anthurium is surrounded by other seasonal foliage, offering a beautiful arrangement of florals you don’t want to miss. Congratulate somebody special on their new endeavor with this fantastic flower stand. Learn More
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  7. grand opening Flower Stand

    Warm Blessing Flower Stand

    Embrace a warm and lovely arrangement of flowers with our Warm Blessing Flower Stand in our standard or large size. The earthy tones of this stand makes it the perfect choice for a corporate event, stage show, grand opening or house warming party. Brighten your home with this eclectic mix of gerberas, daisies, heliconia and cabbage surrounded by seasonal foliage. Learn More
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  8. Elegant Flower Stand

    Elegant Flower Stand

    A flower stand can send a grand message, unveiling a lovely message of appreciation and congratulations. Send our standard or large Elegant Flower Stand to your friend’s grand opening or a corporate event. This luscious flower stand offers an abundance of seasonal flowers, including cabbages, roses and other matching flowers, all surrounded by seasonal greenery that makes those colors pop. Express your congratulations by adding a bottle of champagne too. Learn More
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  9. Glamorous  Grand Opening Flower Stand

    Glamorous Flower Stand

    Pastel flowers are chic and sweet, making the Glamorous Flower Stand a perfect choice. Pink, blue and purple blooms are incorporated into this stand for a luxurious grand opening or corporate event. Each lily, gerbera, delphinium and hydrangea bloom is surrounded by seasonal foliage, making it a welcome treat. Congratulating somebody you care about on a stage show? Visiting your friend’s new business? This is a fantastic idea either way. Learn More
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  10. The Bright Garden Flower Stand

    The Bright Garden Flower Stand

    Send something beautiful and reminiscent of a gorgeous outdoor garden with our Bright Garden Flower Stand. The quaint arrangement stands tall, using pink and pastel colors amidst a sea of seasonal greens. This amazing stand includes a unique mix of orchids, gerberas, protea snow queens and matthiolas, making it the ideal present for a store’s grand opening, a corporate event or a loved one’s new stage show. Learn More
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  11. Well Wishes Flower Stand

    Well Wishes Flower Stand

    Wishing somebody well does not have to be an austere activity. Show your appreciation and love with our Well Wishes Flower Stand. This is a great choice if you want to share a blessing, wish somebody cheer, show good will toward another company or congratulate somebody on a new business venture. What could be more majestic than this arrangement of eustoma, lily, statice and anthurium blooms? Learn More
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  12. Grand Opening Flower Stand

    Grand Opening Flower Stand

    If you are looking for the perfect flower stand for a corporate event, grand opening or other special occasion, the Grand Opening Flower Stand is for you. The grandeur of this flower stand is heightened by the mix of gerberas, delphinium, birds of paradise and hydrangeas, all surrounded by seasonal foliage. Send one to a business partner, family member or friend to congratulate them on something special. Learn More
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  13. Gerberas & Chrysanthemum Flower Stand

    Gerberas & Chrysanthemum Flower Stand

    What is better than a gorgeous flower stand to congratulate a special person in your life? Our Gerberas & Chrysanthemum Flower Stand comes in standard and large sizes, offering well wishes for success. The beautiful arrangement of orange gerberas and yellow chrysanthemums create a stunning appearance that is perfect for a celebratory event or a store’s grand opening. Each flower is surrounded by seasonal foliage, creating a burst of color you won’t forget. Learn More
  14. White Lilies & Roses Centerpiece

    White Lilies & Roses Centerpiece

    Give the gift that represents innocence and sincerity with our White Lilies & Roses Centerpiece. The design is simply stunning, offering a lovely combinations of white roses and pure white lilies. Seasonal foliage completes the look, presented in a clear vase anybody will adore. Looking for an office arrangement or a way to show sympathy after a devastating loss? This is a great choice. Learn More
  15. Lush Cala Lilies, Roses Flower Bouquet

    Lush Flower Bouquet

    Sending a beautiful arrangement of flowers speaks volumes, and our Lush Flower Bouquet really talks. This stylish bouquet includes bright and bold eustoma, hydrangeas, calla lilies and roses, all surrounded by seasonal foliage. The stunning colors work together to create an impressive and stunning appearance for Valentine’s day, an anniversary or simply just because you feel like showing your appreciation. Learn More
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  16. Magic Roses Bouquet

    Magic Roses Bouquet

    Imagine the sweet fragrance of delicate roses, accompanied by the gentle scent of lilies. The Magic Roses Bouquet is a refreshing take on a classic rose bouquet, mixing yellow, white and champagne blooms to create the perfect gift anybody is bound to find extraordinary. Mixed between the premium roses and elegant lilies are fresh peace lilies and seasonal foliage. It is a great anniversary, Valentin Learn More
  17. Roses & Seasonal Flower Bouquet

    Roses & Seasonal Flower Bouquet

    The amazing combination of floral textures comes alive in the Roses & Seasonal Flower Bouquet. Heliconia schneana, yellow roses, orchids and anthurium are surrounded by seasonal foliage, offering a true centerpiece. This bouquet is wrapped in a stylish cloth, making it appear natural and beautiful on display for Mother’s Day, a new baby or to express congratulations. Learn More
  18. Elegant Yellow Orchid Arrangement

    Elegant Yellow Orchid Arrangement

    Orchids offer grace and a feeling of sanctuary, making them a go-to gift. Send the Elegant Yellow Orchid Arrangement to celebrate a delightful event this season. A new business owner will love the flowers for a grand opening, or perhaps your mother would love to display them in her office for a holiday. No matter the occasion, six stems of yellow orchids look fantastic anywhere. Learn More
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  19. Mini Roses in Round Flower Box

    Mini Roses in Round Flower Box

    Cute with a gentle touch of elegance. Mini roses are daughters of normal roses, only retaining their beauty with extra sweetness. These angelic sweethearts are here to impress and express! Learn More
  20. Eustoma in Round Flower Box

    Eustoma in Round Flower Box

    Pretty, thoughtfully and calming is the message when you send these inviting Eustoma flowers. As graceful and alluring, Eustomas are also very low maintainence while being able to withstand higher temperatures and humidity indoors compared to other flowers. Learn More

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  21. Seasonal Flowers in Round Flower Box

    Seasonal Flowers in Round Flower Box

    Spirited, rich and colorful, our Seasonal Flowers with Elegant Flower Box are arranged in bold hues, making it perfect for all joyful occasions. A great choice for romantic gestures or birthday celebrations, this flower box is the go-to gift for all of life’s sweet little moments. Learn More
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  22. Roses in Blue Round Flower Box

    Roses in Blue Round Flower Box

    The more the merrier! Having many fully-bloomed, mesmeric roses held together marvellously is a divine sight to behold. Magnificent is the word as the number of roses increase when complimented with our minimalistic-designed flower bucket. Learn More
  23. Roses with Dom Pérignon Gift Box

    Roses with Dom Pérignon Gift Box

    Want to buy your loved one a drink but live far away? Our Roses with Dom Pérignon Gift Box will help you accomplish that. The bottle of French Dom Pérignon arrives with a gorgeous assortment of roses and seasonal foliage. The message of love makes this the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or simply because you love them. Learn More

    Out of stock

  24. Roses with Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label champagne Gift Box

    Roses with Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label champagne Gift Box

    A special gift is the way into anybody’s heart. We think the Roses with Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Champagne Gift Box is an ideal choice for that someone special in your life. Your gift of champagne is presented in a round box next to seasonal roses and foliage that are simply jaw-dropping. Send this amazing present for an anniversary, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Learn More

    Out of stock

  25. Roses with Moet & Chandon Champagne Gift Box

    Roses with Moet & Chandon Champagne Gift Box

    Send your loved one a bottle of champagne to enjoy with some beautiful flowers. Our Roses with Moet & Chandon Champagne Gift Box offers beautifully presented flowers in a gift box alongside champagne and chocolate. Your recipient will enjoy a bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne or Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial Champagne and some Venchi Chocolate. Don’t forget about those lush roses surrounded by seasonal foliage too! Learn More

    Out of stock

  26. Roses with Pauillac de Latour Gift Box

    Roses with Pauillac de Latour Gift Box

    Present your loved one with a glorious bottle of wine alongside beautiful blooms with our Roses wit Pauillac de Latour Gift Box. This present includes a bottle of red wine amid seasonal roses and foliage offer lush blossoms. It all comes in a Gift Hampers Hong Kong exclusive box, just perfect for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or to spark up some romance. Learn More

    Out of stock

  27. Roses with Twin Moet & Chandon Champagne Gift Box

    Roses with Twin Moet & Chandon Champagne Gift Box

    Looking for that special gift to send somebody you love? Our Roses with Twin Moet & Chandon Champagne Gift Box is sure to do the trick. This present arrives in a beautiful flower box alongside bottles of Moet & Chandon champagne and Venchi Chocolates. The roses or mini roses included in the box are also lovely, adding to the allure of the rest of the gift. Learn More

    Out of stock

  28. Roses with Wine Gift Box

    Roses with Wine Gift Box

    If roses are the flower of romance, wine is the drink of romance. The Roses with Wine Gift Box is the remedy for anything that ails you, offering a beautiful present for that special someone in your life. The recipient will open the box to uncover seasonal roses and foliage surrounding a bottle of Chateau Belrose 2010 Red Wine or Penfolds Bin 128 2010 Red Wine. Both are delectable gifts. Learn More

    Out of stock

  29. Congratulations Grand Opening Flower Arrangement

    Congratulations Flower Arrangement

    Are you looking for a new way to express your congratulations to somebody you care about? Our Congratulations Flower Arrangement is stunning with its diversity of blooms, ranging from birds of paradise to gerberas. The assortment offers gorgeous dendrobium orchids and seasonal foliage, all on a large flower stand to usher your loved one into an era of prosperity and success. Order this gift for a corporate event, graduation or other special occasion. Learn More
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  30.  Exquisite Grand opening Flower Stand

    Exquisite Flower Stand

    Flower stands are more than eye-catching -- they are also meaningful and harmonious with the backdrop of a special occasion or event. Our Exquisite Flower Stand sends a strong message with its pink flowers, each of which represents success. Send this flower stand for a grand opening or for a stage show. Your loved one will love this mix of pink roses, delphinium, cabbage and seasonal foliage. Learn More
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  31. Prosperity_Flower_Stand

    Prosperity Flower Stand

    Wish your loved one bundles of success with our gorgeous Prosperity Flower Stand. Order this stand in our standard or large size to view our premium seasonal flowers, each one selected by a professional floral designer. This arrangement offers hydrangeas, roses, delphinium, cabbages and seasonal foliage. The mixture of flowers symbolizes harmony and prosperity, and adding a bottle of champagne is great for a celebration. Learn More
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  32. Classic Fruit & Flowers Hamper

    Classic Fruit & Flowers Hamper

    Sometimes, nothing sends the message better than a beautiful gift hamper filled to the brim with healthy fruit. The Classic Fruit & Flowers Hamper does exactly this. The recipient will open the package to discover a brown or white basket packed with delicious treats and adorned with seasonal flowers. Each basket includes an assortment of fruit that may include apples, oranges, kiwis, pears, grapes, mangos, pineapples, melons and more. Whether you want to send a co-worker a gift of thanks for helping you with a big project or you want to send a ‘get well’ message to a family member, this gift hamper provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Learn More

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Corporate Grand Opening

The opening of any business can be exciting. Sending flowers to commemorate such a special event can be a great way to express your feelings of appreciation and support. Of course, choosing the right kind of flowers is the essential first step.

No matter your relationship to the company’s opening, you can be a part of the fun and festivities. Gift Flowers HK is here to help you find the perfect arrangement of flowers to meet your needs.

Here are a few of our favorite floral arrangements to celebrate a corporate grand opening:

  • Our Warm Blessing Flower Stand comes in two sizes, and it offers both warmth and beautiful tones reminiscent of the earth. The arrangement includes daisies, heliconia, cabbage, gerberas and seasonal foliage.
  • The Roses with Twin Moet & Chandon Champagne Gift Box is a flower box with two special treats, including chocolate.
  • We love the Joyous Rising Flower Stand, a cheerful gift that congratulates and sends blessings for a wonderful beginning. The arrangement includes orchids, oncidium, gerberas and anthurium.

  • Corporate Grand Opening Presents from Gift Flowers HK

    Are you looking for an excellent online florist? Gift Flowers HK is the best in Hong Kong, and there is a reason for it. We are dedicated to great customer service, and each bloom that we send out is perfect. Plus, we handle every event possible – including corporate grand openings.

    Each of our arrangements includes fresh flowers right from the bloom. Flowers are customized for the occasion, and they often range from tulips to roses and peonies to sunflowers. The opportunities for creativity are endless.

    Contact Your Hong Kong Flower Experts Today

    Order your corporate grand opening flowers online today and congratulate somebody on their new endeavors. Our free shipping and online tracking features make orders a breeze.

    Make the next corporate grand opening a beautiful one. Send a beautiful arrangement from Gift Flowers HK to send a beautiful message to somebody you care about.