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  1. Mini Hydrangea Bouquet

    Mini Hydrangea Bouquet

    The hydrangea is an ornate flower with unique, woody stems. The lacy nature of the flower means that the blooms are a special delight for the special person who receives them. Hydrangeas in every color, ranging from purple to pink are enchanting. Sending this bouquet of hydrangeas to somebody special sends the message of gratefulness and understanding in many cases, creating a heartfelt message. This flower is also commonly given as a fourth wedding anniversary gift, making it a romantic choice. Learn More
  2. White Hydrangea & Eustoma with Vase

    White Hydrangea & Eustoma with Vase

    White Eustoma come in a variety of shapes, and this flower with vase proves exactly that. Pair White Hydrangea with Eustoma for an outstanding look. These flowers arrive in a glass vase that will appear unlike any other. Send this gift just because you care, or send it for a romantic occasion. No matter the occasion, this lovely vase speaks volumes about your love. Learn More

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  3. Exotic Hydrangeas Bouquet

    Exotic Hydrangeas Bouquet

    Hydrangeas are a curious flower not found in most traditional bouquet options. Still, you will find that they look simply gorgeous in this arrangement, surrounded by green eustoma and mini hydrangeas. The foliage creates a lovely bed for the meaningful flowers surrounding it. These hydrangeas may be green, but they help to create a unique look. This is a casual and unique bouquet. Learn More

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  4. Scent of Summer

    Scent of Summer

    Yellow is one of the most cheerful colors of all. It makes sense that you would want to include this arrangement of yellow roses interspersed with white matthiola and hydrangea to somebody you care about. The final touches on the bouquet include additional foliage and even an adorable lemon. That makes this bouquet the perfect option for somebody who needs some cheering up. It is one of the most unique arrangements available. Learn More
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  5. Garden of Eden

    Garden of Eden

    When you think of flowers, you might not consider the cooler colors on the wheel. This arrangement includes blue hydrangea mixed with the dramatic hyacinth. This is all paired against the light bed of yellow roses and tulips. This creates a complementary bouquet that looks fantastic no matter where it is on display. The foliage offers a sense of completion on this full bouquet. Learn More
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  6. Country Hydrangeas & Spray Roses Bouquet

    Country Hydrangeas & Spray Roses Bouquet

    This beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers is perfect for any occasion. Several stems of hydrangeas will create a colorful look at any event or for any special occasion. When paired with the lovely Season’s Best roses, these flowers stand out. These flowers are perfect for anniversary, a new baby, or even just because. This is a romantic arrangement of flowers that speaks to your emotions. Learn More
  7. Grand Harmony_Bluw

    Grand Harmony

    This flower gift box is a sensual and elegant mix of Hydrangea and Champagne Rose. A perfect harmony of colors and texture, this gift is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries or Mother’s day. This bloom box will surely cheer up any woman’s day. Learn More
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  8. single_hydrangea_round_vase_blue

    Single Hydrangea with Round Vase

    The hydrangea is a lovely, versatile flower representing love and joy. Send some peace and compassion to somebody you love with our Single Hydrangea with Round Vase gift. Your loved one will receive a beautiful hydrangea in a clear glass vase, ready to display on the dining table or office desk. These flowers come in baby blue, majestic white and pastel pink. Learn More

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  9. Mixed Hydrangeas with Vase

    Mixed Hydrangeas with Vase

    Are you looking for the perfect floral arrangement to represent your joy and appreciation for somebody special? Our Mixed Hydrangeas with Vase is an excellent choice, offering either pink and white, blue and white or pink and blue color combinations. Both beautiful stems are presented in an elegant glass vase, ready for display for a birthday or special occasion. Learn More
  10. lovely pink hydrangea bouquet

    Lovely Pink Hydrangea Bouquet

    The hydrangea is a powerful flower that comes in many colors. If somebody in your life adores hydrangeas, our Lovely Pink Hydrangea Bouquet is the ideal gift. Not only does the bouquet offer the pink hydrangeas, but it also offers a peek of beautiful pink roses and other seasonal foliage. Send this sweet arrangement to Mom, wife, sister or child to celebrate a special day. Learn More

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  11. Hydrangeas with Vase

    Hydrangeas with Vase

    Hydrangeas are the perfect flower to send to somebody you love, whether they are on their way to Mum or your wife. Send two beautiful stems with our Hydrangeas with Vase gift. Wonderful flowers are presented in a lovely glass vase, allowing your recipient to see a reminder of joy and love all day with two complimentary colors. This vase is ideal for a new baby or to wish somebody well during illness or injury. Learn More

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  12. Hydrangeas & Peonies Bouquet

    Hydrangeas & Peonies Bouquet

    Flowers are always beautiful, and the right combination can really send a pleasant message to somebody you care about. Our Hydrangeas & Peonies Bouquet is a wonderful choice if you want to express honor and prosperity. Peonies are lush and elegant, whereas the casual nature of the hydrangea creates a level playing field, all surrounded by seasonal foliage just in time for holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. Learn More

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  13. mixed hydrangea bouquet

    Mixed Hydrangea Bouquet

    The hydrangea was first discovered in Japan, but it is now popular worldwide. Our Mixed Hydrangea Bouquet is the perfect gift for somebody you know who loves hydrangeas. Some associate the hydrangea with vanity, while others see the flower as a bastion of grace. It’s also the traditional flower for the fourth wedding anniversary. Purple hydrangeas and seasonal foliage are wonderful for Valentine’s Day, a new baby or a graduation. Learn More

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  14. Roses & Hydrangea Bouquet

    Roses & Hydrangea Bouquet

    Send a pleasing arrangement of flowers with our stunning Roses & Hydrangea Bouquet. It’s fit for a king with its lovely combination of roses, ranunculus and hydrangeas, all surrounded by fresh seasonal foliage. This soft-colored bouquet looks perfect on display for Mother’s Day or simply just because. Show your significant other that you love them or celebrate a very happy birthday with gorgeous flowers. Learn More
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  15. Hydrangea in Wooden Box

    Hydrangea in Wooden Box

    The hydrangea is a beautiful color symbolize heartfelt feelings and appreciation. This is what makes our Hydrangea in Wooden Box gift a beautiful present. Choose the perfect color (blue, pink or white) and a beautiful flower will arrive in a wooden box that is perfect for display at home or in the office. The seasonal flowers will look fantastic in a clear glass vase, and your personal note will enhance the message. This is the perfect sentiment for Valentine’s Day, a birthday or to wish somebody well. Learn More
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The hydrangea is a flower that was first discovered in Japan. This thirsty flower is shaped like a star, and the colors range from white to purple. Today, the hydrangea represents appreciation and beauty. Today, sending hydrangeas is easier than ever with the help of Gift Flowers HK.

Gift Flowers HK is here to help you send hydrangeas and other beautiful flowers to the people you care about. Our selection of flowers includes quite a few assortments with this majestic flower. Here are a few of our favorite arrangements:

  • Our Vintage Purple Roses & Hydrangeas with Vase assortment is simply beautiful with its exquisite roses. The vintage color of these flowers is stunning when paired with seasonal foliage and a clear glass vase.
  • The Single Hydrangea with Round Vase is a gorgeous choice in pink, blue or white. This flower comes with one stem in a glass vase, and it is perfect for an anniversary or get well soon gift.
  • We love our Hydrangea in Wooden Box, which comes in pink, white or blue. This is the ideal gift for any occasion, and it looks beautiful on display in a home or office setting.
  • The Roses & Hydrangea Bouquet is expertly arranged to provide a classic combination in pleasing colors. This is the perfect choice to congratulate somebody on a new baby or simply just because you want somebody to know you are thinking of them.

  • Beautiful Blooms from Gift Flowers HK

    As a dedicated online florist, Gift Flowers HK is geared toward excellent customer service. Our stunning arrangements never fail to please. Every floral need, from weddings to holidays, is fulfilled without putting high stress on you.

    Each of the arrangements we offer is made of fresh flowers. We make hydrangea assortments that are more than just beautiful. They are customized just for your loved one.

    Visit Your Flower Experts Today

    Order online from Gift Flowers HK and you will see just how much your loved ones enjoy your thoughtful nature. Show appreciation by shopping for beautiful hydrangeas in a variety of colors and assortments. Plus, we offer free shipping anywhere in the Hong Kong metro. Make your next event or holiday perfect with an appreciative and romantic gift.