When you think of all the important things your secretary does for you each day, do you ever wonder if you could be able to manage your business on your own? Administrative professionals handle so much for us over the course of the day, so it makes sense that we have at least one day each year to honor them. Whether you choose to send flowers or treat your staff members to lunch, there are so many ways to appreciate your office employees.


The History of Secretary Day

Secretary Day, often called Administrative Professionals Day, began in 1952. One man recognized all that his secretaries were doing for him, and he opted to celebrate all their milestones on a special day in April. Today, this is a day on which you can celebrate the dedication of receptionists, secretaries, administrative assistants, and other office staff members of your choosing.

Secretary Day is celebrated on different days throughout the world. In Hong Kong, Secretary Day is celebrated in the last full week of April, always on a Wednesday. In accordance with history, it is common to celebrate your administrative professionals with a special gift on the holiday.

How to Show Appreciation on Secretary Day

It is important to show secretaries, receptionists, and similar personnel that they mean something to us. It is not out of the ordinary to bring gifts for those special secretaries who make your job easier each and every day. Even a simple gesture can make it easy to share how much you appreciate all this hard work.

Present Your Secretary with Flowers

Flowers are an excellent choice for Secretary Day. Not only are flowers beautiful and thoughtful, but they are also the ideal office gift. Your staff members can put them on display in the office or take them home, but they will keep the reminder that you care. Best of all, you can have flowers delivered right to the office, easing the burden of shopping for that perfect gift. This is where Gift Flowers HK comes in.


We love our assortment of Boxed Seasonal Flowers, especially for Secretary Day. Instead of sending a bouquet to the office, you can send this sophisticated box to spread some cheer. The seasonal flowers rest on a bed of lush foliage, creating a beautiful display. The box offers a colorful hint for display, offering pure appreciation.




Send the Mixed Yellow Roses with Vase to give an elegant and meaningful gift. Yellow roses are symbolic of friendship and happiness, providing an excellent message for your secretary. Your recipient is going to love the clear vase she can use again and again.

The Thai Mokara Orchids with Vase is a happy present that sends a true message of appreciation. These orchids come in stunning pink or soft yellow, each bloom offering a lively message. This arrangement of flowers is stunning and exotic, offering you the opportunity to express how you feel about your office staff’s hard work.



The Eustoma in Round Flower Box gift is another ideal solution to your Secretary Day struggle. Eustoma is classic and graceful, all the while offering a hint of allure. This is a low maintenance flower that will look excellent on a shelf or office.


No matter which flowers you choose to buy for your professional staff members, they are sure to be loved. Of course, you can also pair flowers with another type of gift for best results.


Buy Secretaries Lunch

If you really want to appreciate your secretaries, treating the staff members to lunch is absolutely perfect. Lunch is a great way to break up the monotony of work, creating a bit of fun in the middle of the day. You can take staff members out to a delicious buffet or have a restaurant cater at your workplace. If this is not an option, you can also purchase a gift card that allows your secretaries to enjoy the lunch of their choice any day of the week.

Secretary Day is the perfect opportunity to show how much you care. It is easy to overlook all the dedicated work of support staff members. Why not show that you appreciate all of their best efforts with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers or other thoughtful gift? Your staff members will not forget it any time soon.