We all know that feeling when right after Christmas and New Year, Valentine’s Day arrives way too quickly. We had just figured out what to buy our significant other and now we have to start thinking all over again. It can be overwhelming, and if you add lack of time to the mix, it can result in a stressful ordeal.

Lucky for you, we have put together a selection of original gift ideas for him and for her, so you add something extra this year to the standard chocolate and flowers and impress your partner this holiday with minimum effort.

Gifts for him

Wooden beer holder – US $55.00
If beer is an important part of your man’s life, try this one-of-a-kind wooden beer holder. You can even personalise it with a name up to 14 characters. Time to give the standard six pack an upgrade!

Double-walled whiskey glasses – US $15.99
Time to acknowledge his love for whiskey once and for all with these beautifully designed glasses. Made with a double glass wall so the drink stays cold for longer. They come in a set of two.

Bellroy slim wallet – US $79.95
For practical and organised men who don’t carry cash as often and want a change from the typical bulky wallet, this slim wallet is the gift they have been waiting for, as it will keep things tidy using minimum space. It is made of premium leather.

Philips beard trimmer – US $49.95
Guys gotta’ shave… or keep the beard under control. The Philips Norelco beard trimmer has 10 different settings to choose from, for any type of hair, length and style. It also has a built-in vacuum that sucks up all the clipped hair.

Teroforma whiskey stones - $US 16.00
Any person who knows about whiskey understands how hard it is to try to cool it down without diluting it. This is where Teroforma’s whiskey stones come in, allowing your man to chill his drinks with no worries.

Outdoor Tech portable speaker - $US 29.99
This portable speaker is great for your significant other to take his music with him, as it is water resistant and has a durable battery. Great for hiking, camping, or any outdoors adventure.

Classic espresso maker – US $30.00
This Italian-style stovetop espresso maker can brew up to six cups of the nicest coffee on gas, electric, and any radiant heat sources, so you can disconnect from the typical electrical machine that does everything for you and go back to basics. It is also great to take to your camping trips and enjoy your coffee fix anywhere.

Up24 by Jawbone – US $49.99
Up24 by Jawbone is a complete fitness tracker with all the features you need at an affordable price. It tracks your sleep, the quality of it, your exercise, the calories you burn, the food you eat and the steps you take. All he needs to start the year on a healthier lifestyle.

North Face eTip gloves – US $26.05
Forget about taking off gloves in the freezing cold to try and swipe the phone or type a message with these North Face e-Tip gloves. They feature a touch screen compatible thumb and index fingers, so he can stay warm while texting you.

Mixology Wood Bar Board – US $25.00
Why not give him a cutting board customised with his favourite drink recipe? This maple wood board would be the perfect compliment for your kitchen, and the fact that you can choose from beer, wine, daiquiri, martini, margarita and gin & tonic recipe to customise will make it personal and super fun.

Gifts for her

Urban Ears washable headphones – US $43.39
No more dirt will build up on her headphones with these amazing Urban Ears washable headphones! The headband and earphones pop off so you can throw them in the wash, and they’re great for rainy days too. You also get great sound quality, and a modern and cool design.

Kindle Touch – US $79.99
If your significant other is the type of girl that enjoys devouring books, Kindle Touch is a great way to start simplifying the process of reading and accessing new reading material. Its compact structure makes it great for travels, and the well designed screen is made to be easy on the eyes.

Thrive' by Arianna Huffington – US $17.11
Girl power is a powerful force, and if there’s a book about it then odds are she will be interested. In this bestseller Arianna Huffington talks about life balance, quality of life and the essential tools that she needs to find success and stability in her life.

Personalised date necklace – US $113.00
This beautifully simple gold-filled pendant allows you to engrave up to 5 important dates on it, such as anniversaries, birthdays, or any other significant date. An intimate present, with a special meaning she will love.

Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom postcard box – US $8.97
Colouring books for adults is the new trend to fight stress and relax your mind at home, while creating something beautiful and playing with different shades. Millie Marotta is an amazing illustrator, and this postcard box proves that. With 50 postcards to choose from, she’ll be busy enjoying herself for a while and personalising the different animals.

InnoGear Aroma Humidifier - US $26.99
The fact your home smells great is not by chance, but probably the result of countless scented candles and scent diffusers she places around the house. Well, time to give her a hand simplifying this task with the InnoGear aroma humidifier. The humidifier fills the space with a lovely fragrance of your choosing, relieving stress with its aromatherapy and helping with allergies, as it humidifies the air. It also has 7 changing mood lights.

Sagaform Trio Planter – US $51.99
Why not grow flowers this Valentine’s? This trio planter not only looks sleek, but it also gives you the gift of having real plants in your home. It is definitely worth it – you can plant not only flowers, but also herbs. Its innovative design also makes it super easy to water them.

Why You’re So Hot journal – US $10
This creative journal will help you remind your girl why you think she’s the hottest person around, and the trick will work both ways. It is a memorable, original and funny gift that will guarantee some healthy laughs and quality time together.

Apology notepad – US $4.50
Hopefully you haven’t made too many, but the truth is everyone makes mistakes. This is the time of year to reconcile, and if you can do that in a creative and fun manner, great! Fill out the sheet, let it speak for itself – and hope for the best!

Decorative yoga matt – US $60
If she is into yoga or exercising and does it regularly, chances are she has an exercise matt, which is probably plain and boring. Why not replace it for this decorative one? It is made from non-slip material and comes in several cool designs. Who knows, maybe she’ll end up leaving it on the floor permanently!

And of course, every girl needs some red roses delivered to her on Valentine’s Day! They’re synonymous with love for a reason - girls love them! Choose from the options offered by Gift Flowers HK and have a happy lover this Valentine’s Day.