The orchid is one of the most sought-after flowers out there, offering many of meanings beyond the typical. This ornamental flower is known for being delicate and beautiful, and its exotic nature is representative of a broad number of emotions. From the times of ancient Greece when the orchid represented virility and fertility until now, the flower has held extreme significance. If you are thinking about gifting an orchid to somebody special, read on to find out which orchid is the best choice.


Types of Orchids

If you are thinking about giving somebody you care about flowers, choosing the right type is essential. Each flower carries its own significant meaning. Here are a few different orchids to consider:

The moth orchid is the most common type, often found in stores. White and purple moth orchids are the most common, but other colors are available too. These flowers are beautiful and classic. The phalaenopsis orchid, as it is also called, is a graceful flower that is commonly found on trees. These orchids enjoy moist climates. The long, spiky flowers look beautiful on a shelf or growing outside.

Another common orchid, the dendrobium, is commonly referred to as the Thai restaurant orchid. These are hybrid orchids that come in colors like green, purple, white, yellow, and prefer warm climates.

The slipper orchid may look strange, but they are actually incredibly unique. They can be difficult to grow, which makes them a fantastic flower to give. Another somewhat rare choice is the boat orchid, which grows in Southern California. These orchids are yellow, pink, red, green, brown, and peach.

If you plan to give orchids, it is important to consider the rarity of the flower as well as the preferences of the person you are giving the flowers too. When arranged with other flowers, your options are unlimited.

Orchid Meanings

The meanings of flowers is closely tied to their colors. With orchids, this is no exception. If you want to give a truly meaningful gift, it is essential that you consider the message that the hue of your flowers will deliver.

Pink orchids are symbolic of innocence. They also represent happiness, joy, and femininity. You might also give and receive pink orchids on a 14th or 28th anniversary. Ultimately, pink symbolizes affection for the recipient.

Purple orchids represent royalty and respect. You might give these flowers to show that you admire somebody special. You might give them to a colleague or business partner on a special day.

It should come as no surprise that red orchids symbolize passionate desire. You might also give somebody red orchids if you want to show somebody that you admire their courage and strength.

Of course, orchids come in many other colors. In fact, one of the only colors you will not see on an orchid is black. This means that you can also simply give somebody the color of orchid representing their favorite hue.

Occasions for Orchids

There are many occasions for which orchids are the perfect present. A mixed arrangement or bouquet of orchids can make an event truly special.

Valentine’s Day is a fantastic occasion for valentine’s Day, especially if you choose to give somebody magenta ones. Your loved one will love the passionate symbolism of fiery magenta orchids.

Mother’s Day is another fantastic time for orchids. In this case, purple flowers are the way to go. Do you know somebody who is expecting a baby? Orchids are a great choice there too. In this case, pink is the perfect color. Orchids are commonly used to express wishes for fertility, so this is a fantastic time to gift orchids. Orchids are graceful, elegant and exotic, representing strength. Send this Pink purple Ochid Tea Cup Set gift for Mother’s Day, a corporate gift or to new parents.

Do you know somebody who has been spending time in the hospital? Do you want to wish somebody well if they are feeling under the weather? If so, orchids are a fantastic choice. At one time, orchids were thought to offer healing properties. Orchids are also a great birthday gift. Not sure which orchids to choose? Yellow Blessing Orchid Arrangement is a fantastic color for blessings and friendship.





There are plenty of reasons to choose orchids for your next floral arrangement. There are thousands of natural orchids in the wild, so finding the perfect bouquet of flowers should be no trouble