Mother’s Day is just around the corner and are you still trying to figure out, what to gift your mom? You have given beauty kit, spa vouchers and ticket to her favourite play in past years. How about going back to the traditional gift ideas? Yes, gift her flower bouquets. There is nothing better than flowers that can speak about your love and respect for her.

Like a mother, flowers symbolize beauty, grace and depending on the type flower, they also signify strength, classic elegance and comfort. These are all characteristics that embody mothers all over the world. Due to the wide variation of shapes, colours, fragrances and textures of various flower varieties, one can easily choose a single flower species to present to your mother as a symbol of who she really is and what she means to everyone in the family.

The following are some of the most popular flower bouquets and arrangements that are frequently presented to mothers:

TOP 1 - Stunning Pink Roses with Carnations Bouquet

This bouquet includes pink roses with seasonal carnations and foliage and the option of including a complimentary message. You may also include extras such as Venchi Chocolate or Moet & Chandon Champagne. This bouquet is an ideal gift for Mother’s Day, Birthday, or to simply say “Thank you for everything Mom, I love you”.

TOP 2 - Red Roses with White Lilies in a vase


This stunning arrangement of lilies and roses is an ideal gift to send someone whom you deeply care and love for.  The arrangement includes twelve long stemmed roses and white lilies, presented in a clear, glass vase with a message card. This is an ideal gift to present on Mother’s Day.

TOP 3 - Boxed Red Roses Gift




Nothing is more stunning and thought provoking than a box of roses. A single red rose signifies classic beauty and elegance, but a handful of them represent strength, power, and dignity. Red roses in particular, send a powerful message to the person they are presented to. The colour red symbolizes passion, power, authority and love. Roses by their very nature are delicate, elegant and classic. When the colour red and the nature of a rose are put together, they create memorable statement. Imagine the look on your mother’s face when she opens her flower box to see a dozen red roses!

The boxed red rose gift is available in 6, 8, 12, 24 and 36 roses. They are kept in a “flower life support liquid” pack and are delivered in a specially designed gift box with a message to your special person.  This arrangement is an ideal gift for Mother’s Day, Just Because, I Love You occasion and Anniversary.

TOP 4 - Pink Purple Orchid Tea Cup Set


The Pink Purple Orchid Tea Cup set will surely put a smile on your mother’s face. The arrangement includes a single orchid in a tea cup set, with a complimentary message card. The tea cup set is beautifully designed in a soft floral, classic design and will surely elicit a smile from mom.

This arrangement is ideal for Mother’s Day, Just Because, Get Well Soon and Corporate occasions.

TOP 5 - Mixed Eustoma Bouquet


The Mixed Eustoma bouquet is presented in a simple yet elegant presentation. Warm coloured eustomas are used in this arrangement. This bouquet is presented with colorful eustoma flowers and a complimentary message card. It is ideal for Mother’s Day.

Now that you know the top flower bouquets and arrangements to choose from, but still confused, which one will speak about your love to your inspiration- your mother. Let’s make it simpler for you. You can pick the flowers keeping their significance in mind.