There is no doubt that roses are a prime gift for that someone special in your life. Roses are so popular because they have so many different meanings, spanning from full friendship to passionate romance. The type of rose you give to that special someone has incredible significance.


The Best Time for Flowers

There are few times when it is a bad idea to send flowers to somebody you care about. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays provide the perfect opportunity to show somebody how much you care about them. Of course, it is also a great idea to send flowers throughout the year as a surprise. This demonstrates that you do not need a special reason to share your feelings with that person you adore.


The Number of Roses

You may be surprised to learn that the number of flowers you send can have a big impact on the meaning of your delivery. It is important to pay close attention to how many roses you have delivered to your significant other or friend, as it may have implications for the relationship.


For instance, sending just one rose indicates that you fell in love with this person at first sight. No matter the color of the rose, it symbolizes that you are dedicated to this person.


Sending two roses, especially in red, indicates that you are deeply in love with this person, and three roses explicitly says, “I love you.” In fact, sending five, six, or seven roses each have the same meaning as well.


Sending nine roses implies that you want to be with this other person as long as you both shall live, but 10 roses says, “I think you’re pretty.”


And then, of course, you have one dozen roses. Sending 12 roses to that special someone implies a romantic relationship that you expect to be long-lasting. For this reason, 12 roses is the standard for many couples.


Send 15 roses to tell somebody that you are sorry, and send 24 to tell your significant other that he or she is always on your mind.


The Colors of Roses

Roses also have different meanings based on their colors. For instance, red roses are famously symbolic of passionate, romantic love. On the other hand, yellow roses tend to indicate friendship. Pink roses are also friendly, but they can also be romantic or used to show a family member that you care.


Roses Represent Relationship Stages

No matter what color or how many roses you choose to send, flowers send a clear message about the state of your relationship. This makes it important that you pay close attention to the type of bouquet you select.


Here are some of our recommendations:


Want to send five roses, showing somebody that they are special to you? Our Little Red Roses Bouquet offers the perfect assortment to show passion and love. On a bed of eucalyptus leaves sit five beautiful rose blossoms, each one luscious and powerful to send a message of affection.



Send 24 perfect stems in pink and purple with our Pink & Purple Roses Bouquet. Not only are the colors absolutely gorgeous, but they represent gratitude and affection. The full blooms can be romantic or friendly, but the point is that each bloom honors that someone special in a unique way.




Sometimes it takes just one rose to send the whole message. Say everything in your heart with our Single Rose with Champagne & Chocolate gift in pink or red. The red roses shows the fire this other person lights inside of you, and the pink rose shows gratitude and sincerity. This makes it ideal for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary.



Sometimes it takes a lot of flowers to send a strong message. Want to share your everlasting love and affection in a big way? Send our 99 Roses Bouquet. When you are feeling passionate about the special someone, these are the flowers you want to send. This is perfect for a holiday like Valentine’s Day or a milestone birthday.



Sending roses can send a huge message in your relationship. You certainly want each occasion of sending flowers to be a memorable one. We hope to create an awe-inspiring bouquet that your significant other will love every single time you order.