Since ancient times people have believed in the concept of assigning symbolic meaning to flowers. Flowers are given meaning depending on their species or their color. Roses are in general depicted as the symbol of love, however different colors of roses depict different shades of meaning.

Since era’s fascination with flower symbolism has always been a part of history. Especially the symbolism for roses, one of the most popular flowers, has persisted for years together. While selecting a bouquet of roses it is essential that you consider the symbolism of the colors you have selected for your bouquet.  

The Meaning of 4 Most Popular Rose Colors:

Red Roses: Red is the most common and popular of the rose colors. The red rose is known as the symbol of beauty, passion and romance. A dozen red roses can brashly declare “I love you,” whereas a single red rose can express your devotion and commitment to the person. Other than expressing passion and romance, red roses can be used to show your gratitude to someone.

Red roses are the most flowers for Valentine’s Day. They can be ideal for gifting on anniversaries or birthdays to your significant other. 

White Roses: White roses are symbols of chastity, and purity. They are also associated with spirituality, devotion and new beginnings.

Since these beautiful flowers are associated with spirituality they are commonly accepted as the funeral flower. Ironically due to their association with deep love they are also commonly used as the wedding flower. Cream roses are particularly used by brides on their wedding day. They are also commonly used for religious occasions like baptisms.

Yellow Roses: The yellow rose is known as the flower of friendship. Gifting yellow roses to your friends sends a message of caring, and platonic affection.

The yellow rose Are excellent choice to congratulate someone on a happy occasion like birth of a baby or engagement. Sunny and bright yellow roses look wonderful in a get well soon bouquet

Pink Roses: Pink roses are symbols of admiration, gentleness, dignity, elegance, innocence, and happiness. 

Pink roses are extremely versatile. They can convey both a romantic or platonic message. They bring cheer to the recipient. They are wonderful as a thank you gift or to congratulate someone close.

We have bought together some beautiful rose bouquets to help you express your love and affection to your dear ones.

Noble Red roses in a round flower box is a beautiful collection of 36-38 stems of gorgeous red roses. Accompanied with green foliage, it brings in a natural touch to the arrangement. An ideal gift to express your deep heart feelings or to wish your loved one on their birthday or anniversaries.

Pinky Lady is a beautiful arrangement of 36 stems of pure pink and white roses. Express your feelings to somebody special with this fantastic bouquet. It is the ideal gift for a romantic celebration, like anniversary or a birthday.

The Purple Roses and Eustoma with Vase is the ideal gift for your loved one on your anniversary. This flower arrangement is made up of gorgeous purple Roses and lovely Eustoma arranged elegantly in a beautiful gold luxury vase.

Nothing is more stylish than a souvenir box of roses. Mixed pink and white roses are symbol of appreciation, admiration and purity. They are the perfect combination to express your feelings to your loved ones. Scented Dream is a gorgeous flower box for your lady love.