Just like humans, each flower is unique. They are all characterized by their color, form and scent. While creating a colorful mixed flower bouquet, you need to understand that it is similar to gathering different people for one occasion. Some flowers go well with others, while some stand out alone. One needs to balance out different characteristics to arrive at the best combination of mixed flowers.


Here are a few suggestions on how you can get a perfect balance each time you make a mixed flower bouquet:

Color:  Flower designers and color experts strongly believe that colors stimulate our emotions, like red arouses delight, yellow stimulates happiness, and blue brings in calmness. These colors help in setting a certain mood, as per the occasion and relation. When selecting a bouquet for someone one should choose flowers with shades which will enthrall the recipient, like their favorite colors. If buying for your own home, select flowers which go with the house décor, flowers which can bring tranquility and calmness to the house.

Shape and texture: The shape and texture of the flower are the most vital features of its appeal. Both these features determine the flower’s ability to mix with other flowers. Select more structured flowers having big and prominent blossoms as the main flowers in the bouquet, surround them with the softer flowers which are not so loud and overbearing.

Keep in mind the occasion: Just as we dress up according to the occasion and the place we are visiting, similarly the bouquet we choose should go with the occasion.  Both the selected flowers and the packaging should go with the mood of the occasion. Keep in mind a few symbolic association of the flowers with our emotions, to choose the right ones for the bouquet. Zinnias, sunflowers, wildflowers are ideal to express or share happiness. Calla lilies, roses, orchids, amaryllis are great for formal occasions. Roses, narcissus, tulips are the best for close family and dear ones to express our love.

We have got together some of the best mixed flowers bouquet for you to choose from:

Delight your loved ones a stunning box of pink roses beautifully arranged with pink gerberas and colorful seasonal foliage. Pink Angelus is a bouquet made up of 8-10 stems or pink roses and 8-10 stems of pink gerberas. Ideal to gift your close family and near dear ones on their special occasions.

Flowers are the best to express our feelings. This Pink Roses & Eustoma with Vase brings together the season’s best pink Roses and pink Eustoma. High-quality flowers arranged beautifully in a glass vase is perfect for display on a birthday or anniversary.

Get the finest selection of beautiful flowers with our White Orchid & Succulent in Vase. This combination of white orchids with succulent looks luscious and adorable. Great to gift to celebrate special occasions.

Pink Perfume is the best gift for celebrating a big event or occasion. This stunning bouquet is a beautiful arrangement of roses, eustoma and mini roses and other seasonal foliage. This romantic arrangement will surely sweep your loved one of her feet.