Giving the right flower bouquet for a specific occasion is not always easy. Which flowers are available, which colours are appropriate, what does the recipient like? These are just a few of the questions commonly asked. And then there is the complicated issue of flowers as well as colours being associated with certain meanings: love, friendship, faithfulness, forgiveness, sadness, etc.

Here you can find a few ideas about which flower arrangements are suitable to which situation, so that you’re set no matter what the occasion is.

Get well soon

When someone is sick, perhaps at home with the flu or in hospital with a broken bone, you will want to give them bright and lively flowers to make them smile. Gerberas are lovely flowers to give just about anyone you care about, especially when you don’t necessarily want to say “I love you”, but rather “I care about you”.

Our Mixed Gerberas Bouquet is ideal as a “Get well soon” flower bouquet.


There are many occasions to congratulate someone: for their graduation, a successful performance, the birth of a child, a college acceptance, a new job. Few flowers are as universal as sunflowers. They can be given to men and women alike, and never seem overzealous. They’re bright and friendly, and can easily be combined with other flowers to make beautiful bouquets.

So go for the Mixed Roses & Sunflowers Bouquet if you want to tell someone how happy you are for them.

Happy birthday


This is an occasion where everyone brings flowers, such as our Hydrangeas with Gerberas Centerpiece. The birthday child is usually inundated with bouquets to a point where they run out of vases, which is why we provide a simple clear vase with our flowers to take away the worry of where to put your gift.

If you’d like your gift to last the birthday girl a bit longer than flower, go for something like our adorable Magenta Orchid Tea Cup Set. It will outlast all other flower arrangements given on a birthday and can find a home anywhere around the house. Plus it’s adorable, and every girl will be delighted with such a perfect gift.


There are some less joyful occasions where flowers are a welcome gift as well. If you have to convey your condolences, tastefully arranged white flowers will be suitable. For a funeral a wreath is usually the go-to option, but it can be more colourful. Your florist will always be able to make some suitable recommendations.

And there is the timeless lily, which will always be on point. We recommend you opt for the White Lilies Flower Bouquet and a sincere handshake or hug, depending on how close to the bereaved you are.



On another note, there is always your proclamation of love with flowers to consider. Not just for Valentine’s Day, red roses like the Romantic Red Roses Bouquet are a favourite and a classic. If your special someone is not a red roses fan, try something different with our Mixed Purple Roses with Vase.

If a flower arrangement alone seems insufficient to you then choose an option that contains more, such as the Roses with Salus Set Gift Box.

Mother’s Day

You may not tell your mother on a daily basis that you love and appreciate her, but at least once a year you really need to make an effort. And whatever gift you can think of will be incomplete without a bouquet of flowers.

Always pick an arrangement that contains your mother’s favourite flowers. For example, if she loves carnations and you don’t have a gift idea yet, you can go all out with our Carnations Gift Set.