A beautiful gift of flowers is always appreciated, but it's very important that you select the right kind of bouquet and flowers for the occasion or specific person. Choosing the correct flower for the bouquet helps in expressing our true feelings, similarly selecting the right size and arrangement of the flowers depicts your sentiments well.

Lilies are well known for their large blooms and tall erect stems. They have a heavenly fragrant smell. Their six plain or exotically marked petals are often trumpet-shaped.

If you are looking for a formal gift, Lilies are the most elegant flowers. They have a heavenly delicate fragrance and are available in a number of colors. If you want to communicate sympathies, a lily bouquet is ideal to give a person who is grieving or unwell.

The trumpet-shaped blooms of lilies create a great impact in a bouquet, thanks to their large size, availability in a variety of colors and long shelf life. Depending on the type of lily, each cut lily stem generally have up to eight buds which open up from the bottom of the stem. Ensuring that the Lilies remain attractive and blooming for a longer period of time. Cut lilies can be enjoyed for up to 2 weeks, if well cared for and placed well in a vase. Strip away the leaves, which fall under the water in the vase, and trim the stem horizontally at 45 degrees angle to sustain the flowers for a longer period of time. Keep the vase away from direct sunlight. Change the water every two days.

Lilies are nature’s most graceful and elegant flowers with their tall stems, sweet fragrance and wide-open blooms. A lily bouquet makes for the ideal classic "all occasion" gift. Listed below are some of the best lily bouquets which you can consider picking up.

Remembrance is symbolized by Yellow lilies, making them the ideal choice for gifting on number of special holidays. This sweet fragrant yellow lilies bouquet can help to remember a loved one who is gone, or they are perfect to show appreciation for a favor or job well done. This bunch of 10 to 15 stems of yellow lilies creates a charming but sweet bouquet.

The Mixed Lilies Bouquet can make for a stunning present for that special person in your life. A timeless gift with pink lilies and the season’s freshest foliage will sweep your loved one of her feet. It is the perfect gift to symbolize elegance and purity, and you won’t be able to find anything classier.

Our Elegant Flower Arrangement in Vase is majestic and stylish in looks, making it an ideal choice for your living room display.  This attractive flower arrangement offers seasons best white lilies with stunning blooms of white roses and pink mini roses, all displayed beautifully in a glass vase.

Red Roses & White Lilies in Vase offers 12 stunning long-stemmed roses in passionate red. Each rose is complimented by gorgeous white lilies, beautifully arranged in a glass vase which will leave your loved one enamored. Send this luxurious vase of flowers to your special someone for a birthday, anniversary or Mother’s Day.