Mother’s Day is a celebration honouring motherhood, mothers, maternal bonds and all that they do for us. It is celebrated throughout the world on various days, mostly in the months of either March or May.

The tradition of honoring mothers began in ancient Greece, over a thousand years ago as worship of Cybele, an Anatolian Mother Goddess. Her worship spread to Rome, where she was regarded as Magna Mater or Great Mother. In the Christian tradition, Mothering Sunday began as a celebration of Mother Church. Later, it became synonymous with honoring the mother figure.

Modern day, Mother’s Day as we know it, started in the United States in the early 20th century. The first Mother’s Day celebration was held in 1908 by Anna Jarvis who held a special commemorative for her mother in West Virginia. Ann Reeves Jarvis passed away in 1905. She had cared for thousands of soldiers who had been wounded in the Civil War and was also a peace activist. Ann Jarvis had also formed the Mother’s Day Work Club, an organization that was created to address public health issues.

After she passed away, her daughter made it her mission to make Mother’s Day an official holiday. In 1910, she succeeded when West Virginia officially recognized it as a public holiday.  In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson followed a suite and signed a proclamation that the second Sunday in the month of May would be a national holiday dedicated to the mothers.  Today, Jarvis’s efforts have been appreciated and adopted in countries all over the world.

How is Mother’s Day celebrated worldwide?


In the UK, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent. Celebrations begin with a visit to the church. It is a time for family reunions. Usually, a special cake is also baked to add a festive touch. Mothers are often given tokens of appreciation such as candies, cards, flowers and other keepsake items by their children.

Canada and the US

Mother’s Day is celebrated with complete pomp and circumstance. On this day, most restaurants are pre-booked and filled with mothers and their families. Celebrations may also continue at home with a family or friends reunion. Children give Mothers special gifts that speak volumes about their gratitude and appreciation. Common gifts include cards, flowers, plush animals and a gift certificate to a salon or spa.


Mother’s Day is called Dia de las Madres in Mexico. It is a very popular occasion and is celebrated by the entire country. Special events and celebrations are held in churches, civic groups and schools. Churches often hold Mother’s Day masses. Many children present their mothers with handmade gifts such as pottery, embroidered handkerchiefs and baked items. In school, special plays and presentations are done keeping up with the Mother’s Day theme.


Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. On this day, mothers are given a day’s respite from their regular house duties. A fancy meal at a restaurant, day of pampering at the salon and a shopping trip are some common gestures that children plan for their moms on this special day.

When is Mother’s Day celebrated in different countries?

The second Sunday in the month of May, or May 10, 2015 is regarded as Mother’s Day by most nations. This includes countries such as Hong Kong, Canada, United States, Denmark, Australia, India, Philippines, Turkey and Zambia.

Many Middle Eastern countries that follow the vernal equinox regard March 21 as Mother’s Day. This includes countries such as Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria and Jordan.

May 31, 2015 is Mother’s Day in countries such as France, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal and Sweden.

How is Mother’s Day celebrated in Hong Kong?

Mother’s Day is about appreciating mom. It may involve something simple such as presenting mom with a bouquet of carnations or something as elaborate as a fancy dinner at a restaurant. Sentimental cards, gifts and keepsake items are commonly picked as Mothers Day gift.

How can you make Mother’s Day more memorable?

Start by waking mom up with a breakfast table decorated with a bouquet of pink and white carnations. On this table, lay out her favorite breakfast items. It could be a cup of tea, pancakes and syrup, muffins, eggs and toast etc. After finishing breakfast, encourage mom to get ready and then send her out for a day of pampering at her favorite salon or spa. When she returns, you may present her with a specially made lunch. In the evening, take mom out for a movie or theatre show and conclude this memorable day with a special dinner at her favorite restaurant.

10 interesting facts about Mother’s Day That You Didn’t Know

1. Mother’s Day actually started in Greece with the worship of Cybele, which spread to Rome. There they worshipped Magna Mater also called Great Mother.

2. Even though Mother’s Day is a global celebration, it is celebrated on different days around the world. Most importantly, fifty countries, celebrate this day worldwide.

3. In most countries and language, the word for “mother” begins with the letter “m”.

4. Carnations  are synonymous with Mother’s Day. In Christian history, when Jesus was crucified, the tears of Mother Mary hit the ground which sprung forth these flowers.

5. In Bolivia, Mother’s Day is celebrated based on when women first took part in the battle.

6. Mother’s Day was Hitler’s favorite celebration.

7. In the 17th Century, Mothering Sunday was called Carling Sunday in Scotland and England because the pancakes that were served on this day were made from Carlin peas and fried in butter.

8. Mother’s Day is the 3rd most popular holiday after Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

9. In the United States, 65% of card sales occur five days before Mother’s Day.

10. Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days for florists. 

This, mother’s day don’t forget to treat your mom and make her feel special and loved.