When Should You Buy Her Flowers?

Occasions for giving flowers are different for each couple. Some women love flowers all the time, just as a little surprise. Other women expect them only on certain occasions. Understanding the type of relationship you have together is the best way to know for sure if your flowers will be desired.

Of course, there are some occasions on which flowers are typical. Anniversaries celebrating the annual commemoration of the start of your relationship are considered perfect occasions for flowers. Birthdays and and Valentine’s Day are closely linked to flowers as well.

Common Romantic Flower Choices

Some flowers certainly stand out among others when it comes to selecting romantic blooms. These are some of our favorite romantic choices.

Tulips, especially red ones, are symbolic of perfect love. After all, the tulip is the official 11th wedding anniversary flower.

Of course, the rose is the ideal romantic bloom with red at the top of the pyramid. It does not get more passionate than luscious red blooms after all.

Carnations are gorgeous flowers, but they also offer deep symbolism. Carnations are long-lasting flowers, much like the love that exists between you and your partner.

Orchids are diverse in color and variety, making them a favorite. Depending on the type of orchid you choose, the flower could signify passion, lust, desire, and honest love.

Irises are a spring flower, which makes them especially perfect for a new love. Once upon a time, it was rumored that the flowers were magical and could help attract new lovers. Today, we know that they look beautiful on display.

Finally, daisies are also a great choice. Daisies are cheerful flowers that speak to ideas about happiness and a bright future together.

There are many other flowers that can be romantic. In many cases, simply sending a favorite flower is enough to demonstrate your love and affection.

How to Surprise Her with Flowers

There are so many ways to surprise your beloved with flowers. You can have them sent to her home, but you can also choose to send them to her at work or some other special place that has significance to the two of you. If you plan to take your date out for a romantic dinner, you can order flowers ahead and have them placed at your table when you arrive. This is one way she will most likely never expect to receive flowers, and it will provide the most positive kind of shock.

Our Favorite Flower Ideas

We offer a number of gorgeous flower ideas for romantic occasions. If you are looking for the right way to show your love, these recommendations will help you.



The Roses in Black Round Flower Box gift is perfect for a premium present. For this gift, you can choose a setting of 16or 36 roses in red, pink, white, champagne, or purple.



Our Lavish Purple Roses Bouquet is stylish and fun, offering a combination of roses and tulips to create a brilliant look. This bouquet aims to show that you care with gorgeous blooms and foliage.



The Champagne Roses Bouquet offers 24 stems of roses. Symbolic of love and appreciation, these roses speak volumes. Show somebody how much you adore them with this lovely arrangement. Add some Venchi chocolates or Moet & Chandon champagne to make the gift even more romantic.


Want to plan the surprise of a lifetime? You have so many ways to do it.