Flowers are a part of all the life’s biggest events, whether it is deaths, births or marriages. In between these milestone events in our life comes graduations. A moving ahead ceremony celebrated at the end of a journey in school or college. It is the celebration of opening of a new chapter in life. Graduation is a major milestone in a student’s life, and for many families all around the country. Family members come from near or far, just to be a part of this life changing event.


There are a number of ways to congratulate and celebrate someone’s graduation, flowers are always on the list. You can either pick up a bright graduation flower bouquet or something special personalized just for the occasion.


Symbolism and Meanings of colors:


Bright colors are always associated with festivity and celebrations. Yellow is the symbol of success and joy, whereas purple implies accomplishment. Orange flowers are associated with enthusiasm and passion for life. The green in any bouquet means new beginnings and good luck.


Yellow colored flowers in a bouquet are the ideal choice for graduation, as they represent success and joy.  The best options of flowers for the ideal graduation flower bouquet are Sunflowers, Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums and Tulips. They are available in a variety of bright colors which will make the bouquets look pleasant and attractive.


Below mentioned are some of the best graduation flower bouquets, which you can choose from:


The sunflower is the perfect choice of flower for graduation as it is a summer flower. The bright, bold colors of the sunflower in the Sunflower radiance graduation bouquet make for a wonderful choice to gift your loved one on their big day. Lying against a bed of green eustoma, the sunflowers really stand out and are a sight to the soothing eye.


Some bouquets impeccably capture the spirit of a splendid garden in them. Rustic garden Rose bouquet is one of those floral arrangements which can give you the feel of a lively garden in the small bouquet. The arrangement includes garden roses, orange tulip, gerberas, and a bed of seasonal foliage. An ideal bouquet to congratulate a near one on their graduation.


Tulips are associated with love. This beautiful combination of Tulips and Roses is a wonderful gift for your dear ones. Express your love and fondness with this Summer Symphony of yellow tulips and orange roses. The bouquet includes 8 to 10 stems of yellow tulips, 4 to 6 stems of orange roses and 3 to 5 stems of Hyacinthus.


When you think of flowers, you will pain an image of bright colors. Garden of Eden is an innovative flower arrangement which includes cool calm colored flowers.  Blue colored hydrangea mixed with the vivid hyacinth are paired with contrasting yellow roses and tulips. This creates a complementary bouquet which looks amazing. The green foliage completes this colorful bouquet. Ideal to gift someone as a celebratory gift.