White Day is a great opportunity to show appreciation to all or any of the special ladies in your life and have a blast too. In Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan, women give handmade products, including delicious chocolate and cookies, with their male co-workers and friends on Valentine’s Day. On this occasion, the men go back or "answer" the ladies who provided them gift ideas on Valentine’s Day by delivering them with gift ideas of their own.

How to celebrate White Day with your beloved one

  1. 1.Decide on something white. Traditionally, products given on White Day should be white in color. Think about fun ideas, such as white delicious chocolate for "girly" presents or even white underwear for your companion. Alternatively, you may use white present cover newspaper or a white gift idea bag, and attach it with some attractive ribbons.

  1. 2.Make your motives clear. You need to give a surprise to each female who gave someone to you, but make certain to allow woman know if you need to be just friends or something more. Come back "girly" products with similar items, such as Poko or chocolate. Choose something special for a "Homemade" item, like a purse or rings. If a female offers you a "Homemade" gift idea and you do not share her thoughts, it is customary to let her down softly by detailing your feelings personally or even in an email, and delivering her with a gift idea that equals the worthiness of what she received for you.

  1. 3.Give sweets. Marshmallows, chocolates, cookies, and other sweets are incredibly popular products for White Day. Choose some delightful treats showing your love for feminine friends. To help make the gift idea even more significant, make the sweets yourself.

  1. 4.Deliver bouquets. White bouquets such as lilies, peonies, and orchids are perfect White Day items. Alternatively, you can provide a female her favorite kind of rose showing how much you care and pay attention.

Our Favourite Flower Ideas

Love and affection can be showed in different ways. Flowers have always been a symbol of romance and are always a good option to give your loved one to show them how much you care for them. White Day is a special occasion where you can profess your love to someone and give them beautiful bouquets of flowers. Here are some of our favourite bouquets you can choose from:



We love the White Romance bouquet. White Roses - without any color to upstage it, the formal, structural beauty of the rose is showcased to its best advantage in a box of elegant white roses. This flower box is suitable for all occasion, these white roses are a perfect way to honor friendship or show love and regard to your special one.



The Mixed Roses Bouquet is a great bouquet to give to someone you love. The muted colors are excellent for a special holiday, especially if your loved one is used to red roses and bold colors. The mixed white and pink roses are just toned down enough that they are anything but oppressive. The seasonal foliage provides an elegant backdrop for any type of celebration. They are romantic and sweet.




 We highly recommend the Roses in Blue Round Flower Box. The more the merrier! Having many fully-bloomed, mesmeric roses held together marvelously is a divine sight to behold. Magnificent is the word as the number of roses increases when complimented with our minimalistic-designed flower bucket.




The Romantic Red Roses Bouquet is perfect for any passionate occasion. Red roses are the epitome of love’s beauty. Not only does the arrangement of flowers include large blooms, but the bouquet is sure to wow anybody who sees these gorgeous roses surrounded by Ornithogalum, Berzelia and seasonal foliage. Send this to somebody to show them exactly how much you love them.

Any of these bouquets can certainly help you express your feelings and anyone who receives them is sure to smile and get that warm fuzzy feeling in their hearts. Make sure to make the White Day special by doing fun activities with your loved ones.