Breast cancer. Many women don't consider it to be a threat, but it is a lot more common than you think.


It is undoubtedly the most common cancer in women worldwide. Almost 1.7 million new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in 2012, and it is known that approximately one in eight women have the likelihood of developing invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. In Hong Kong 2015, out of all new cancers diagnosed in women, 26.1% are accounted for breast cancer. According to reports, breast cancer is recognized as the sixth leading cause of cancer death in Hong Kong.


So, what can be done about this situation? Being aware of the occurrence of breast cancer plays an important role in promoting the need for self-checking, so that women and men alike can identify the symptoms and seeking the right medical assistance, early diagnosis and treatment. October is classified as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, where major breast cancer charities aim to shed the light on the knowledge about breast cancer to the general public. During this month, they aim to raise funds for further research on the cause and prevention of breast cancer. Wearing pink or donning a pink ribbon signifies your awareness and support in this notion.


We also wish to do our part in Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. As a result, we have come up with special pink flower gifts for our customers to buy and show their support in this meaningful cause. Here are our top three recommendations:


Unicorn in Pink

Here’s a lovely gift to lift the spirits. Despite the solemnness and gravity of the topic of breast cancer and its victims, there is also a celebration of life and enjoyment. We should not forget the fun and happiness there is to offer, and the successful battles survivors have fought. This adorable unicorn round box of flowers is here to remind you just that! The beautiful mixture of soft pink roses and fluttery carnations symbolise youth, vitality and joy. With its cute set up – complete with lush eyelashes on the box, shiny little ears and a golden horn – Unicorn in Pink is bound to put a smile on your face. Price: HK$959.00


Pink Angelus

The gift of flowers is fantastic for relieving stress and brightening up the mood. Whether you are placing them at home or offering them to a loved one, Pink Angelus is perfect for any occasion. A sophisticated floral arrangement of charming pink roses teamed with candyfloss-pink gerberas and complimentary seasonal foliage, this box of flowers is sure to bring some sweetness into your life. You can choose the colour of the box to suit your preference: soft and sweet pink, cool and calm blue or simple yet stylish black. Price: HK$899.00


Pink Roses Only Bouquet

Roses have always been one of the most popular gifts to date. Graceful and elegant, these flowers are highly symbolic of a variety of positive attributes, such as romance and beauty. Light pink roses, in particular, are greatly associated with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and symbolising sweet love, care and admiration for a loved one. It can also help to express your gratitude and appreciation for kind people as well as all the little things in life. Pink Roses Only Bouquet comes in 12, 24, 36 and 50 stems. Price starts from HK$669.