Now that you have a special man in your life, you might be thinking of new ways to court him. One thing you might not have considered is sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers to that special guy in your life. Have you ever considered the tradition of giving flowers? It’s definitely not as common for women to send men flowers, but it certainly does happen. Men like to receive flowers too! Looking for a bouquet to send the man in your life? Here are a few tips to help you select the perfect arrangement.


What Do Men Want?

Men are like women in that they have varying needs and desires. Some men love the luscious blooms of a floral bouquet, and others desire something simple. A plant is a great way to celebrate a special occasion or event. A bamboo plant or bonsai tree can send a pleasant message of life or rebirth, but succulents can be meaningful too. Some men may consider plants to be a more practical option than flowers. Should you choose to order a bouquet of flowers for that special guy in your life, consider tropical blooms. These flowers add life to any room, and they also serve as a lasting reminder of your affection. Still not sure what kind of flowers to buy him? Just ask! He might have preferences that you don’t even know about.


Colors and Arrangements for Men

  Of course, there are certain colors men like to receive more than others. Gifting flowers to men means paying close attention to the type of fauna that you order.

 -Greenery - This is a great choice for men because it is simple and practical. A plant is gorgeous in any room or office, and the man who does not like flowers will love it.

 -Orchids - These flowers are bold and hearty, offering a beautiful flower that is not overtly feminine in connotation. The strong shape makes it a great choice for the man who is not otherwise excited about large blooms.

 -Bold colors - Stay away from pastels and opt for vivid colors that are not typically associated with feminine qualities. Orange, red, dark purple and yellow are great choices.

 -With another gift - Send flowers or a plant alongside another special gift. It could be a bottle of wine, a good book or a box of delectable chocolates.


Occasions for Sending Flowers to Men

There are plenty of good occasions to send flowers to a special guy in your life. If you still aren’t sure whether to send flowers for an occasion, just ask if you would send flowers if the person in question was a woman. If the answer is yes, you can send those flowers or plants. You will find that the occasions overlap.

 -Birthday - Fresh plants are perfect for a birthday because they represent new life. Additionally, plants are easy to care for and can last quite a long time. The peace lily is an excellent choice, and so are orchids. A mug of flowers is also practical because it comes with a gift that your loved one can use.

-Father’s Day - Sending something to Dad from the kids does not have to mean hours of shopping for the perfect gift. Give the kids free reign to choose something Dad will love, or choose something lovely and pleasant for your own father. Just stick with bold colors or a green plant.

 -Congratulations - Did the man in your life just get a promotion at work? Did your nephew graduate from college? A basket of goodies goes great with a floral arrangement. A wine gift with a red rose is also perfect for a significant other. As for graduations and corporate events, ensure that your flowers match the color of the event. For instance, if your nephew is graduating from a school whose colors are blue and gold, flowers in the same colors are a great choice.

 -Get Well - Know somebody who is in the hospital or under the weather? A fresh plant or flowers in cheerful colors will add color to an otherwise drab hospital room. Just make sure the patient is not allergic!

 -Appreciation - Let somebody know that you appreciate them with a gift hamper or vase of flowers.

 -Anniversary - The orchid is a beautiful anniverary gift, especially because it is so easy to care for. Of course, the more traditional will opt to order the flower corresponding with the anniversary year.


For a lot of men, flowers are a sign of recognition. Showing him that you have put time and effort into his care is a great way to demonstrate your love and appreciation for all that he does. Even if you don’t think the man in your life loves flowers, sending a token of your affection signifies that you were thinking of him.