After surviving a long dull winter, spring flowers come along and brighten our days and cheer us up. Spring bulbs proclaim the end of the dark winter days, bringing with them a welcome splash of color to our gardens and surroundings.

Some of the beautiful flower bulbs blooming in spring are:

  • Crocus: The crocus flowers look like beautiful jewels when planted in large naturalized rows all throughout the lawns and gardens.
  • Daffodils: Looking at Daffodils in their frilly trumpeted blooms and bright colours can cheer up any person’s day.
  • Tulip: Tulips are available in a number of shapes and colors, that it becomes difficult one variety of Tulip which you will like. Tulips are the everlasting mix of complete range of colors.
  • Lily of the Valley: Lilies are known for their breath taking fragrance and sprays of elegant white flowers.
  • Bluebell: Carpets of the classical bluebells create an enchanted sight in spring.

While looking at a beautifully arranged bouquet of fresh flowers, you can’t fail to notice that how well the florist has mixed and matched different flowers. Just like styling clothes and accessories, there is also a method and manner to pair flowers.

Most flowers look great on their own too. For example a dozen red roses, don’t need any accompaniment to look spectacular and romantic. However at times florists add a touch of foliage to the bouquet. By adding these small clusters of tiny white flowers, they help in creating a color and textural contrast. This helps the roses to look more beautiful and vibrant.

Roses with lilies are also a popular pair which florists love. Stargazer lilies and oriental lilies look wonderful when paired with the glamorous pink roses. The little spaces between the lilies and the roses can be filled in using baby’s breath, to bring in the much needed greenery. At least two different types of foliage should be added to make the bouquet look more lush and beautiful.

Carnations look gorgeous on their own. However when paired with roses, they bring out a different beauty of the flowers. The smooth roses contrast strikingly with the ruffled carnations. Using different colors of roses and carnations takes beauty of the bouquet to the next level.

Roses, cymbidium orchids and germinis together make an elegant bouquet. To maintain the elegancy and softness of the look, all flowers should be of the similar color.



We have some wonderful ideas for spring bloom bouquets for you, you can try our Classic Peace Pink Roses with vase for gifting on occasions like mother’s day, new born baby wishes, get well soon wishes etc. This bunch of pink and white flowers are perfect to brighten up any day in the office or at home. These Pink roses with a beautiful vase serve perfectly as center pieces.



A fresh box of peonies are definitely the best gift to brighten up someone’s day. Peonies epitomize good fortune and romance. Peonies are so beautifully versatile that they can be used for a number of occasions. Our Peonies in Round Flower Box can be ideal to gift on anniversaries, birthdays etc


 This colorful Season Peonies bouquet is versatile and makes a marvelous gift for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or congratulating for a new baby. Shower your love with these seasonal Peonies.



The purple rose is a symbol of charm and attraction, so obviously you will be gifting them to somebody you find yourself falling in love with. The yellow ranunculus when paired with the elegant pink alstroemeria, make a colorful mind-blowing combination. The spray of pink roses completes the arrangement, creating a full bouquet. Gift your loved ones with the Purple roses & Ranunculuses Bouquet