Valentine’s Day, observed on February 14th, is a holiday celebrated around the world. In Hong Kong, it is no different.The holiday began as a celebration of a Christian saint, Valentinus, who was jailed after performing marriage ceremonies for soldiers. Today’s celebration is in honor of this saint. 

Valentine’s Day Traditions

In Hong Kong, certain traditions are unique. For instance, many informal Valentine’s Day celebrations make it possible to celebrate with loved ones on a grand scale on other days of the year. These include the Lantern Festival and the Seven Sisters Festival. Of course, nothing beats Valentine’s Day itself.

Valentine’s Day was first associated with romance in the Middle Ages, and then in the 18th century when the English would send flowers, candies and cards to the ones they loved. Today, even children get involved with the traditions. The traditions differ depending on where you live.



Giving the gift of a bouquet of flowers is certainly a popular tradition among Valentine’s Day revelers. This is a tradition that dates back to the 1700s, and the type of flowers a person chooses to give are often linked to his or her personal feelings.

In Hong Kong, the Victoria Harbor is one of the most gorgeous sights to behold. If you have not had the opportunity to check it out, visiting with your beloved is a great way to spend the holiday.

Surprise Your Beloved This Valentine’s Day

Surprising the person you love this Valentine’s Day is easy with Gift Flowers Hong Kong. Flowers are the perfect choice for your loved one, especially if you want to choose a true symbol of the way you feel toward the other person. 

Chocolates are also a traditional gift for your loved one this holiday. The typical heart-shaped box of chocolate is just fine, and many gift hampers also include delicious chocolates and other treats.

Stuffed animals are adorable, and they often send a message that you really care. Give your beloved a stuffed version of her favorite animal. She’s sure to love it!

Even a night out on the town can give your loved one exquisite memories. Take the time to plan something breathtaking that will exhilarate both of you. Why not set out to find the best view in Hong Kong, or simply find a delicious place to dine for the evening?

It really all comes down to knowing what your loved one likes. You really have to know your recipient to give a gift that shows how much you really care. Anything goes!

Choose the Perfect Flowers

Roses are often the first choice for a bouquet of flowers because the rose is representative of love. Red roses are one of the most favorite flowers, and many people opt for these flowers automatically. After all, they do represent romance.

White roses are a popular flower for Valentine’s Day too. White is the color of innocence and purity, giving these flowers a symbol of true and everlasting love. If you are looking for a more unique color, spring for yellow. Yellow is a color representing friendship, but they can also represent a blossoming romance.

If you aren’t interested in roses, why not send along a bouquet of daisies? Daisies are reminiscent of innocent love, but they also represent happiness and friendship. Tulips are similar, though their meaning can change with the color. Yellow and red tulips are the best choices for Valentine’s Day.

Carnations are often affordable, but that does not mean that they are not completely appropriate for your loved one. Valentine’s Day carnations can be beautiful in yellow, white or pink.


Are you still looking for something unique and lovely to gift to your beloved? The peony is a great choice. As China’s national flower, the peony is a great choice for an engaged or married couple with the desire for long-lasting romance.


As you can see, there are plenty of different bouquets you can give to your beloved. You need not stick with the traditional this year. More importantly than the single choice of flower is the combination that you pick. Roses are often more appealing when they are supported by a lovely backdrop. Plus, this gives you the chance to customize your bouquet.