No birthday is complete without a gift from that special someone. Flowers make perfect birthday gifts because they are simple and beautiful, not to mention that each one has meaning. A bouquet of flowers puts a big grin on the recipient’s face, even if you cannot be there to celebrate alongside the birthday person.


Choosing the Perfect Birthday Flowers

Your first step is to determine the best flowers to send, and it all comes down to selecting the right bouquet for the birthday month. Unless, of course, you know they have a personal preference.


January - Carnations

The carnation is a durable flower with a variety of meanings based on color. White carnations express love and good luck, while light red carnations express admiration. Dark red is for somebody you have passionate love and affection for, whereas pink is symbolic of the undying love of a mother.


February - Iris

The iris is a unique flower for its beautiful color and rich meaning. The iris is typically blue, but also comes in white and yellow. Today, this flower symbolizes faith, wisdom and hope, making it a very optimistic choice. Color makes a difference as well. Yellow irises symbolize passion, whereas purple represents royalty.


March - Daffodil

The daffodil denotes rebirth, and the symbolism of a new beginning is perfect for a springtime birthday. This is a great birthday gift because it is thought to bring good luck, especially if it blooms on the New Year. It is the perfect flower to represent a new beginning.


April - Daisy

Daisies are beautiful flowers, and gerbera daisies are among the most popular blooms. They are big, bold and colorful, offering a vibrancy that other flowers might not. Gerbera daisies symbolize beauty and innocence. Other daisies represent innocence or happiness and come in a variety of colors.


May - Lily

 The lily is a common flower, but that does not make it any less beautiful. Lilies come in a variety of colors and shapes, making them a great birthday gift. Additionally, the lily is a symbol of purity and beauty, especially if they are white. Orange lilies represent passion and yellow lilies are representative of happiness.


June - Rose

The rose is a beautiful flower often representing passionate love and devotion, but there are also other meanings depending on the color. White roses symbolize chastity and innocence, and yellow roses express warmth and welcome. The yellow rose is considered platonic, opposite of the deep red rose. Lavender, denoting love at first sight, is also a popular choice for a loved one.


July - Larkspur

The Larkspur is essentially the embodiment of summer, denoting a lighthearted and carefree spirit. These flowers are common in lavender, pink and white, and they come in all sizes. This flower was commonly gifted in the Victorian era, but it lives on today.


August - Gladiolus

The gladiolus is a flower with a history in the Mediterranean and African regions. This flower represents strength and morality, making it a passionate flower to give to somebody you care about. This tall flower is the perfect choice for a summer bouquet.


September - Aster

The Aster is a flower representing luck and protection against bad forces. This flower is also symbolic of faith and wisdom, with purple being the best color to denote this. White asters are also popular, representing perfection.


October - Marigold

The marigold is a beautiful flower symbolic of passion and creativity that is vibrant. While most marigolds are gold or yellow, they also come in white or bright orange.


November - Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum comes from a Greek word meaning gold flower, and it’s for a good reason. The chrysanthemum is a flower representing happiness and celebration, making it the perfect birthday flower for a November party.


December - Poinsettia

While commonly associated with Christmas, the poinsettia is a red winter flower that is hearty and pleasant. Some cultures associate the poinsettia with purity while others consider it to be a symbol of success and celebration.


 Planning a Birthday on a Budget


Preparing a surprise birthday party while staying on budget does not has to be a struggle. Your first step is to designate a theme. For instance, you might choose a theme based on the month of the birthday or you might select an idea that is related to the birthday person’s favorite color or concept.

Food is a must-have for a party. Instead of ordering expensive catering or heading over to a restaurant, consider having a potluck where each party-goer brings a dish. This saves money and helps everybody contribute.

Don’t shy away from asking for help. Technology has made it easier for groups of friends to plan fantastic parties together. Share ideas online, ensuring that your birthday party guest of honor has no idea that you are all in on it.

The best money-saving birthday party tip is to start planning ahead. Trying to plan anything at the last minute will cost more money, especially if you don’t have time to make your own decorations or food.

Giving gifts does not have to be expensive either. You can find affordable flowers, like those at Gift Flowers HK, that are gorgeous and meaningful. Even if you aren’t able to make it to the party, sending along birthday flowers is the perfect treat to make sure they know you care.


Our Birthday Gift Ideas

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