This March 14th, many people throughout Asia will be celebrating White Day. Traditionally, White Day has been a day to commemorate love. On this day, men repay women for Valentine’s Day gifts that were given to them. This holiday is meant for men to give their loved ones lovely presents, from chocolates to flowers. Not sure how to celebrate White Day with somebody special in your life? This guide will help you celebrate in style.

How Do We Celebrate White Day?

White Day is highly celebrated in other countries like Japan and Korea. Different countries celebrate White Day in a variety of ways. For instance, some countries encourage men to purchase hard candies, while others encourage giving chocolates. This is completely dependent on where you live, and you should celebrate accordingly to avoid inspiring disappointment in that special somebody.

Gifts given on White Day often include everything from white lingerie and marshmallow treats to cookies and white chocolate. Today, chocolates are much more common. Of course, you have to be careful who you give chocolates to on this special day. Fancy, handcrafted chocolates should be given only to somebody you are serious about. Otherwise, you might send the wrong message to a friend or co-worker.

Ultimately, the cost of gifts given on White Day are meant to be about three times the cost of a present given on Valentine’s Day. So, if she gave you some beautiful flowers, you have to find a bouquet that is three times as beautiful. It can certainly be tricky if you are not prepared!

White Day Is Not Valentine’s Day

You might be surprised to learn that Valentine’s Day is a little different from White Day. The holiday started with a marshmallow company encouraging men to buy the white treats for their ladies.Today, the holiday has expanded.

The central difference between Valentine’s Day and White Day is who is expected to buy presents. On Valentine’s Day, women tend to give their romantic partners presents in countries that also celebrate White Day. For White Day, men give their loved ones presents that are of higher value than the ones they received.

How to Remind Her of Your Love

Want to show her how much you love her? Sending flowers is the best way to do that. Even the smallest bouquet can speak volumes. With Gift Flowers HK, you are covered for every major holiday. You don’t have to worry that she is going to be unhappy with her gift this year, as each bouquet is made with the most beautiful blooms available. To order, simply find a bouquet that speaks to your relationship. It’s that easy!



The Single Rose with Champagne and Chocolate gift says, “I love you.” This romantic red or pink rose arrives as a symbol of love or appreciation. The simplicity of this present remains inspiring and lovely, especially when it comes with two pieces of chocolate and a bottle of Moet and Chandon that you can share over dinner or while watching your favorite movie or television show.


Flower boxes are also great gifts for someone special in your life. Our Mini Roses in Round Flower Box gift is especially fantastic for White Day. This box is elegant and sweet with its elegant expression. Plus, the box makes for a great keepsake.


We also offer a Romantic Red Roses Bouquet, which represents everything that is beautiful about deep, romantic love. This arrangement of roses includes large, luscious blooms alongside seasonal foliage.



The Little Red Roses Bouquet contains five stems of beautiful blooms on a bed of eucalyptus. This bouquet is simple but romantic and fragrant.

Each of our bouquets can be delivered to her door, just in time to celebrate White Day.

Other Ways to Celebrate White Day

Not a fan of flowers or looking for another fun way to celebrate? There are plenty of other ways to celebrate, including taking her out for a night on the town. Celebrate with a romantic dinner or buffet that you would never go to on another day. Cook her an extravagant dinner that she will never forget, or simply spend the day having a picnic and making fun memories.

Don’t forget to celebrate White Day this year. This is a treasured tradition for many couples, and it does not appear to be disappearing any time soon.