The month of May is unique and special in its own right. One of the first images of May that the mind conjures up is that of the sweet smell of flowers in the air. If you know somebody with a birthday in May, why not shower them in the beautiful blossoms that make springtime one of the best times of the year?

May is the perfect time for flowers. In the springtime, flowers tend to grow bright and beautiful. This is also the season during which baby animals are born and the weather may begin to change. Depending on where you are, May could be the ideal month to celebrate with flowers.

Lilies are one of the perfect representations of May. The lily of the valley is actually one of the birth flowers associated with May. The sweet scent of lilies are reminiscent of the springtime and humility -- often even happiness. Lilies offer large petals that are stunning and fragrant, making them the ideal choice for a gift bouquet or vase.

Choosing the Perfect Lily Bouquet

We offer a variety of lily bouquets to choose from. You will find that each of our lily bouquets are meant to instill a sense of peace and love for whoever receives it. Each option is ideal for a May birthday. Here are some of our favourites:


Our Mixed Lilies Bouquet offers a gorgeous presentation that is simply undeniable. This gift is a classic, allowing you to celebrate a May birthday in style with pink lilies and other foliage in fresh colors. This is a tried and true bouquet that always speaks to your loved one’s amazing taste.




We also recommend the Pink Lilies & Roses Bouquet, which includes long stems of elegant blooms. The roses and lilies rest on a bloom of foliage that create a gorgeous birthday bouquet for May. If you know somebody who loves roses, why not mix in some springtime flowers for an added boost?


The White Lilies Bouquet is another excellent option. It offers a graceful arrangement of alstroemeria as a bed for the serene lilies. Ultimately, this creates an ideal present for a special event or a birthday from a devoted loved one.


We also recommend the White Lilies & Eustoma with Vase. This bouquet arrives ready for display, offering a lovely assortment of flowers that will remind your special someone exactly how you feel about him or her.

May birthdays evoke colorful memories, so why not opt for a colorful bouquet? The Yellow Lilies Bouquet is an excellent choice. Yellow lilies will help to bring back sweet memories for an upcoming birthday or other special May event.

These birthday bouquets send a message loud and clear. For a lovely birthday, you want to sne da bouquet or vase that really commemorates the beautiful month of May.

Caring for Your New Lily Bouquet

One of the best things about lilies is that they are hearty flowers and do not require extreme care. They take easily to a variety of containers when you purchase lilies as plants, but even cut flowers can last for quite some time. There are a few steps you can take to keep your lilies in great shape for as long as possible.


For starters, cut off less than one-third of the stem when you place the flower in a vase to improve longevity of life. Use a sharp knife to cut diagonally at the bottom, preventing a blunt cut.


It is also important to arrange the flowers properly in the vase. You can remove the leaves sitting toward the water. Foliage that rests underwater can easily rot, leading to other problems for your beautiful blooms.

Next, change the water regularly. You can also add flower food to the vase to encourage further life. While your blooms are not going to last forever, they will certainly last much longer than you may think. Fortunately, lilies often last for longer than two weeks. That’s a long time to enjoy the magnificent view!

Don’t forget to spoil the ones you love this May. Lilies are just the tip of the iceberg, and they pair well with other flowers and other presents. A lily can send a message that words often fail to.