Do you know a special lady with a birthday coming up? Sending flowers is a tried and true way to show somebody special that you care about them. Choosing the perfect floral arrangement for somebody important in your life does not have to be difficult. Flowers send a message, from the type of blossom to its color.

Birthday flowers come in all varieties. Not sure which bloom is best? These flowers have significant meaning to consider:

Lilies - These flowers are perfect for a birthday because they represent happiness. Lilies also send a message of positivity for the upcoming year. These are perfect for friends and family members.

Gladiolus - This flower is ideal for a wife or girlfriend, as these flowers demonstrate honor and strong infatuation. Sending a bouquet of gladiolus sends a strong message of love.

Orchids - Orchids are exotic flowers, which gives them a particularly special meaning for a birthday. This means you should reserve them for a romantic relationship. Orchids come in a variety of colors, but they always tend to indicate beauty and love.

Gerberas - The gerbera daisy offers an easy and delightful way to brighten up your loved one’s day. These flowers are cheery and friendly.

Roses - Red roses are meant for passionate love; however, other colors are perfect for a birthday celebration. White roses represent youth, which makes the a fantastic choice. You can also give pink roses to show admiration or yellow roses to demonstrate friendship.

Tulips - Tulips generally represent perfect love, and each color of tulip has a different meaning. For example, red tulips represent true love, typically romantic and passionate. Purple is symbolic of royalty or respect, whereas yellow tulips tend to indicate sunshine and cheer. White tulips ask for forgiveness.

Gift Flowers HK offers a variety of gorgeous flower bouquets. Here are some of our favorite arrangements to give that special lady on her birthday:

Seasonal Flowers in Round Flower Box

Arriving in black, blue, or pink, this colorful arrangement is perfect for a birthday or any other joyful occasion. Celebrate the life of somebody special, whether it is your romantic partner or a beloved family member. These seasonal flowers vary, but each bloom is luscious and colorful. The round flower box provides a lovely way to present the flowers.


Classic Peace Pink Roses with Vase

Show your appreciation for somebody special on their birthday with these pink and white flowers. Dark pink roses represent appreciation and thankfulness, whereas light pink roses are symbolic of gentle admiration. White roses can be sympathetic and spiritual, but they may also represent true love or purity. Combined, pink and white roses can convey much more than one message at a time. This makes them an excellent birthday flower.

Enchanted Roses & Sunflowers Bouquet

If you really want to make somebody smile, this rose and sunflower bouquet will do the trick. Roses, sunflowers, and mini roses mingle to create fun and bright pops of color. The sunflower represents brightness, and it is also the third wedding anniversary flower. The sunny disposition of this flower combined with roses conveys a message of love and appreciation.


Mixed Tulips Bouquet

This stunning bouquet features the delicate blossoms of the tulip. Surprise her on her birthday with these stylish flowers that look brilliant anywhere. These blooms come in 18 or 24 stems and three majestic colors that are perfect for celebrating the day of one’s birth. They are perfect for any holiday or anniversary too. Tulips have different meanings based on their colors, but you can also gift somebody their favorite color to show that you care.

Pink Eustoma Bouquet

Are you looking for a thoughtful birthday gift? Our Pink Eustoma Bouquet is a fantastic choice. Send these flowers for a birthday or special holiday.Eustoma, also known as lisianthus, is a flower that represents wishes for a happy, long life. Eustoma also expresses appreciation for somebody special. This makes our Pink Eustoma Bouquet a fantastic choice for anybody who wants to wish a friend a happy birthday.

No matter your budget or preference, we have plenty of different bouquets to offer. Keep in mind your relationship with the birthday girl, as well as the message you want to send to her. The flowers you send will have significant meaning, especially when you include a heartfelt message on a card too.