Christmas is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. During Christmas houses and shops are decorated with traditional decorations like Christmas trees, bells, candles, garland, and angels etc. The traditional colors used for Christmas decorations are pine green, white and red.

The Mexican Poinsettia, which is popularly known as the Christmas flower in North America, is a part of most of the Christmas decorations, thanks to is its bright red colour. These bright red Poinsettia blooms during the cold winters of the Christmas holiday season.

Celebrate Christmas 2018 in style with the freshest seasonal blooms which will add a touch of splendour to any Christmas festivity.

This Red Roses & Cala Lily with Vase is a fantastic choice if you want to send something bright and bold to your loved one. This flower arrangement includes 12 stems of the season’s best red roses along with Cala lilies. Beautifully arranged in a sleek clear glass vase, they are the perfect Christmas gift for your love. A majestic combination of the Christmas colours of Red and White. A sight to the sore eyes.

White is the colour of Christmas. These beautiful White Eustoma paired with White Hydrangea make an outstanding combination for a snow white bouquet of flowers. These white beauties surrounded by fresh green foliage are arranged in a Hong Kong Gold luxury glass vase. Send this White Hydrangea and Eustoma with vase to someone you care for. No matter the occasion, this lovely vase speaks volumes about your love.

Flowers speak a thousand words. This beautiful roses arrangement of 36 to 38 stems of beautiful red roses accompanied with green foliage is the ideal Christmas gift for your lady love. Noble Red Roses in Round Flower Box is an alternative to a collection of pure roses only. The green foliage adds a natural touch to achieve the feel of wild nobility for these bright red roses.


This White Melaine bloom box will surely melt your recipient's heart. This beautiful arrangement of Tulips, Roses and Hyacinthus will surely brighten their day. 8 to 10 stems of white tulips, 8 to 10 stems of pink roses along with 4 to 6 stems of pink Hyacinthus surrounded by fresh green foliage make for an elegant box of flowers. Sober and elegant, a beautiful sight to your eyes.