When you think about cheerful flowers, the beautiful sunflower probably comes to mind. It comes as no surprise that people adore sunflowers. They are spirited and cheery with bright petals of yellow, offering a symbol of vibrancy and happiness. Best of all, sunflowers are easily identifiable, even from a long distance.

Today, you might see a sunflower growing alongside the road in some parts of the world. Originally, they began to grow in Central and South America for food and oil. Eventually, their beauty began to spread and they were grown in home gardens just for their appearance.

The Symbolism of the Sunflower


According to tradition, sunflowers are symbolic of adoration and loyalty. They represent a long-lasting relationship with a positive outlook. The sunflower’s worship of the sun is easily taken as symbolism of human worship and dedication, whether it be to spirituality, family or love. Other symbolic ideas associated with the sunflower include faith, healing, focus and good luck. Some people associate these majestic flowers with magic, flexibility of spirituality.  

Because of their rich symbolism, the sunflower is the perfect gift for somebody recuperating after an illness or injury. These are also excellent flowers for those who wish to share congratulations and appreciation.

Sunflowers Are for Summer

It is undeniable that sunflowers send their own message of hope, bringing up the entire mood of any room they adorn. They are warm and cheerful, much like the summer sun that they are named after.

Another reason sunflowers are the top summer bloom? They literally follow the sun as it rises and falls. Their blooms seek out the sun to gather as much of it as possible before the day ends.

Our Sunflower Bouquets

Gift Flowers HK offers an abundance of gorgeous bouquets featuring sunflowers. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to send along one of these beautiful gifts to somebody you care about. Sunflowers are a great choice because they are versatile and easily paired with flowers of all sizes and colors.


We love the Mixed Roses & Sunflowers Bouquet, which offers a bountiful arrangement of color sure to brighten your loved one’s day. This bouquet offers that splash of Season’s Best sunflowers against a bed of seasonal foliage and rich pink roses, making it a great choice for Mother’s Day or an anniversary.

Enchanted Roses & Sunflowers Bouquet 

Are you looking for a magical bouquet to send to somebody you care about? Our Enchanted Roses & Sunflowers Bouquet might do the trick. This bouquet features large sunflowers alongside majestic and colorful roses and mini roses. It is incredibly versatile, making it the ideal option for events like the birth of a new baby or a romantic occasion.

Gift Flowers HK also offers the beautiful Cheerful Sunflowers Bouquet, which offers a beautiful arrangement of blooming sunflowers surrounded by lovely roses in brilliant colors. The seasonal foliage adds a beautiful border for the flowers, making the arrangement feel light and airy.


We think the Classic Roses & Sunflowers Bouquet is the perfect gift for somebody you care about. This floral arrangement is simply stunning with an assortment of sunflowers, roses and orchids surrounded by gorgeous seasonal foliage. This is the perfect way to say, “I love you.”


Are you thinking about sending something simple? Our Sunflowers with Vase are a great solution. What could be bolder and brighter than 10 fantastic sunflower blooms to brighten your loved one’s day?


Sunflower Care Tips

Like many other flowers, vased sunflowers can last up to 5-7 days when properly cared for. It all starts with the first few minutes upon the flowers arriving. Find a vase of water and allow the flowers to stand in it, still wrapped, as you prepare a proper vase. A long vase works best because these flowers can be so long.

The vase you prepare for the flowers should be filled with room-temperature water. Allow the water to sit until it reaches the appropriate warmth. Flower food is a great addition to the vase to extend the life of your beautiful blooms. If you don’t have a packet of flower food, you can make your own. Simply dissolve a half-teaspoon of sugar or a full teaspoon of lemon juice.

Next, you want to cut the stems of the flowers so that they look great in the vase while also taking up more fresh water. Make your cuts slanted, about one half-inch from the stem’s end. It is also important that you remove all leaves hanging into the water so that you don’t get a rotting smell from your otherwise fragrant flowers.

Lastly, remember that sunflowers are quite thirsty. They require plenty of fresh water, so make sure to check your vase regularly.

Don’t forget that the sunflower is the traditional anniversary flower for the third year of wedded bliss. Don’t forget to send your loved one a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers to mark this very special occasion!