It would be easier for you to select the best flowers for your mother if you know what each flower signifies.

Pink Roses

Pink Roses are soft and stunning to behold. They are classic symbols of elegance and grace. Pink roses are often gifted as a token of appreciation
and admiration. As we grow up, mothers cease playing the role of police officer and instead become our best friend.

Red Roses

Red roses are the time honoured way of saying “I love you”. For time immemorial, they have represented classic beauty and strength. The colour red signifies passion, enthusiasm and devotion. So, if you want to express all these feelings, nothing can match red rose boxes.

White Lilies and Carnations 

White carnations on the other hand represent pure love. What better way to show your mother how much you admire and love her, than to present her with this bouquet of stunning pink roses with carnations.

White lilies on the other hand provide a subtle yet gentle contrast to the majestic red rose. They have a heavenly nature about them and signify dignity, purity and faithfulness. These are all traits which aptly symbolize a mother’s bond with her children.

Purple Orchids 

Orchids are one of the most coveted, ornamental plants. They are graceful, exotic and delicate. Orchids, by their very shape and colour variation, represent luxury, strength, beauty and love. In the ancient Greek times, this flower was also associated with virility. It was believed that if a father ate large orchid tubers, he would father a boy! 

The colour of an orchid also has significance. The colour purple represents majesty, wealth and royalty, whereas the colour pink represents femininity, gentility and softness. These qualities are a perfect representation of mom! Aren’t they?


The Eustoma flower is often associated with the star of Sagittarius. They symbolize appreciation, romance, romantic attachment, admiration, charisma and gratefulness. Eustomas are often presented in long stems and therefore make elegant bouquet arrangements. Since this flower is historically associated as a prairie flower, it also represents old fashioned values of receptivity, 

congeniality and calm. Eustomas are versatile blooms and appear stunning when paired with roses, hyacinths and miniature gerberas. They are also a flower that can hold their own. Much like a mother of today who represents strength, grace-under-pressure and beauty, eustomas are perfect symbols of mothers all over the world. They often elicit an amazed response and are appreciated as a gift.

Flowers, by their myriad of variations, colours, fragrances and textures, are often the best way to let the most important person in your life know how much they mean to you. Whether it is a single rose or a classic bouquet, let the colour and symbolism of the flower variety guide you in selecting your arrangement.