Summer gives us its very own reason to celebrate, doesn’t it? The sun is shining and the air is heating up, creating a warm paradise. Spending time on vacation and with family is great on its own, but there are also some other perks of this season. One benefit of summer? The extraordinary assortment of flowers available.

Flowers that Represent Summer

Some flowers are simply representative of summertime, and you cannot escape the season without admiring them. These are some of our summertime favorites:

Aster is one of those flowers that does not go ignored. It offers bright blue petals that turn heads, and they look fantastic growing in the front yard.


The dahlia is bold and beautiful, offering bright colors in varying hues. The dahlia is famous for its large bloom that look great on display or in the garden.


Sunflowers are an obvious choice. Mimicking the sun, these flowers are bright and beautiful. They add brightness to any room they are displayed in.


Marigolds are golden like the sun, making them a summertime favorite. The warmth of the flower emanates through the room in a bouquet or arrangement.


Peonies are gorgeous flowers that present large, full blooms. The colors are more subdued than other summer flowers, but they are still just as beautiful.


Roses are a lovely flower not commonly associated with summer, but different hues can still create a correlation. The right flower can really make it feel like summertime.

Why Are Flowers the Perfect Summer Gift?

It makes sense to give your loved ones flowers for summer. They are perfect for a birthday, for example. With the right summer flower, you can send the birthday boy or girl a messa

ge that you truly care about them. Showing up with flowers demonstrates that you put thought into the birthday event.

No summer anniversary is complete without flowers. Flowers show that you remember one of the most important days you’ve spent with your beloved. Colorful flowers are a great reminder of your love. They have symbolic meaning, sending the point of your gift home.

Flowers are great for home decor and housewarming parties too. If you are attending an outdoor party in the summer air, flowers are a great addition to the festivities. Plus, flowers add to the lovely fragrance in the air.

Our Top Picks for Summer Flowers

Now that you know why to pick flowers for a summer event, your next step is to choose the right arrangement. We offer beautiful floral arrangements with summer flowers that offer beautiful blooms in a variety of colorful combinations.

Scent of Summer is one of our top picks because of its sheer elegance. This arrangement arrives in a cheerful yellow hue, offering rose, matthiola, and hydrangea blooms that are truly unique. The color is so bright that it will look beautiful for a summer party.



Sending our lovely Gerberas with Vase is a pleasant way to show that you care. The gerbera daisy is symbolic of cheer and happiness. We love the mixed colors and personalized size (10 or 20 stems) that this gift offers.




The Peonies in Round Flower Box is a fantastic choice for a present. This box of fresh flowers will bring a smile to anybody’s face with the full, gorgeous blooms. Peonies are representative of luck, love, and elegance. Arriving in a pink, blue, or black box, this gift will be absolutely perfect.


The Mixed Roses & Sunflowers Bouquet is the perfect mixture of summer flowers. Combining the romantic nature of the rose with the casual, fun nature of the sunflower is a great way to celebrate a special occasion.




The Yellow Calla Lilies & Matthiolas Bouquet is simply perfect for this season. The calla lily represents gratitude, and the matthiola is light and free. On a bed of freesias, the yellow hues of the lilies are warm and sunny.




How Will You Spend Your Summer?

Flowers are likely only a portion of your summer plans. You might be going on vacation or celebrating a fun anniversary. You might be going to birthday parties or making plans for camping somewhere else. No matter your plans for the future, it is time to start thinking about how you are going to do it in style.


Incorporating flowers is one easy way to make your summer even more beautiful. Whether you are sending a bouquet to somebody you love or you just want to admire a floral arrangement at home, you can order flowers in just a few clicks.