Hong Kong - February 5, 2015 – Keep your eyes on this online florist –and don’t blink! If success is the aphrodisiac that unleashes the imagination, then there seems to be no stopping Gift Flowers HK, a florist that in 2014 racked up a sizable year-over-year growth rate. This Hong Kong enterprise, renowned for having traditionally been unsparing in its use of cutting edge marketing techniques, keeps pulling rabbits out of their seemingly inexhaustible hat. For Valentine’s Day 2015, they’ll be dressing up their delivery staff in tuxedos and, came the announcement recently that Gift Flowers HK had actually conducted a preliminary test of flower deliveries by


It would seem there’s not much Gift Flowers HK wouldn’t do to capture their clients’ imagination and, in the process, position themselves favorably in a crowded trade. “We have to keep making big strides forward if we want to maintain and hopefully increase our market share,” says founder Justin Chung, “As one can imagine, Valentine’s Day is an important benchmark for us, so that we have every motivation to come up with new and creative ideas.” He explained that when “free deliveries” became common place among florists, Gift Flowers HK had to find new delivery techniques to ignite their customers’ imaginations. “We have to provide the ultimate consumer buying experience, and the delivery function is part and parcel of that.” To which he added, with a smile, “Knocking at your loved one’s door this V-Day -bearing your gift- will be our driver in a tuxedo. We will have reaped our reward if that adds even a little to V-Day’s romantic aura.” And, yes, Gift Flowers HK has in matter of fact conducted tests using drones. You can actually view the test run on a 3-minute video that shows a bouquet of roses held under the drone’s belly and flown over the Hong Kong waterways, with skyscrapers on both sides. Our company has also started testing drones to deliver flowers to beat the heavy traffic in Hong Kong.” says Chung. “With all the high rise buildings in Hong Kong, it’s going to be a nightmare navigating the regulations. I believe we are nevertheless the first in Hong Kong and Asia to try this. It’s ideal for beating congested roads.”