Baby’s breath is a simple, unassuming flower at first sight. It is often tucked away between other flowers that steal the show. While baby’s breath may not be the most common flower, it often serves as a delicate backdrop. Isn’t it about time that we paid more attention to the use of baby’s breath as a lovely flower for weddings and other special occasions?

Baby’s breath, also known as as Gyposophila flower, is generally white. In rare cases, baby’s breath also comes in yellow or pink. The diverse offerings of baby’s breath makes it the perfect choice for a number of occasions, including graduations and birthdays. They work well as part of an anniversary flower, and they are also found in baby shower bouquets. Last but not least, it is not uncommon to find the baby’s breath as a key component of a wedding flower ensemble.

The Hidden Meanings of Baby’s Breath

Though they may just appear to be white blooms in the background, baby’s breath have symbolic meaning. In many cases, they represent undying love and virtuous affection. This may apply to family and friend bonds, but they may also offer romantic intentions.

Additionally, baby’s breath also represents purity from corruption and freedom. Because baby’s breath is so closely associated with innocence, it is commonly given as a present to honor a newborn baby, no matter the gender.

In some cases, baby’s breath is symbolic of Christianity and religious faith. In others, it may represent a reconnection with a loved one after a period of not being close. It is symbolic of dedication and the promise of a bright, delightful future.

Baby’s Breath as a Wedding Flower

It is not uncommon to see baby’s breath used in wedding bouquets, and it’s for a good reason. These flowers are commonly associated with enduring, everlasting love. They can adorn table centerpieces, bridal bouquets, and other decorations to send a message. They create a lovely bed for other flowers, but they also look fantastic as the star of the show.

How to Display Baby’s Breath at a Wedding

Are you trying to find new ways to incorporate baby’s breath into your wedding? Here are a few ideas that will help set your wedding apart from the rest:

1 - Display flowers as part of a centerpiece at dinner. As a centerpiece, baby’s breath can easily fit inside a mason jar sparingly or used to adorn candles on tables.

2 - Carry baby’s breath down the aisle as part of a hand bouquet.The simple bouquet will look fantastic against a colored wedding gown or against the dresses of the bridesmaids.

3 - Tie a piece of baby’s breath to the napkin and cutlery arrangement as a subtle accent to an already elegant dinner table.

4 - Hang baby’s breath from above, using soft containers and baskets to hold it. This will create a lovely look for the dance floor or for use in photos.

5 - Adorn the gentlemen in the wedding with baby’s breath boutonnieres. They are classy and simple, and they will look gorgeous in wedding photos.

6 - Use baby’s breath to adorn the cake table. This simple flower will look gorgeous decorating the cake table without overpowering your delicious dessert.

7 - Wear baby’s breath in your hair. This flower looks beautiful as a hairpiece or decoration in a bun. It can also be used to create your very own flower crown.

Our Favorite Baby’s Breath Bouquets

Shopping for your favorite baby’s breath bouquets is a breeze. Here are some of our top recommendations:


The Stylish Baby Breath Bouquet is a unique offering. The bouquet features blooms that are gorgeous on their own as part of wedding day festivities or as a gift for somebody special. This bouquet is simple but certainly stylish.



We also love the White Roses Purity Bouquet, which symbolizes innocence and pure love. This bouquet offers gorgeous blooms that imply sincerity and generosity. The combination of white roses and baby’s breath is unbeatable.



Finding the perfect flower to display in your wedding arrangements does not have to be hard. Baby’s breath is simple and elegant, and it pairs well with virtually any other flower. It is not a flower you want to overlook as you select flowers for your big day.