Why Flowers are Common Gifts to Give on Valentine’s Day

Long, long ago, flowers were the symbol of love, romance, marriage, and fertility. They became a way to send out secret messages known as “floriography”. Way back in the Victorian era, lovers used flowers to express their romantic emotions. This tradition has made its way up to our current era.

Valentine’s Day Flower Choices

  1. 1. Roses – Red roses represent love and passion, and have been a very powerful symbol throughout the ages. Roses were considered sacred by Egyptian goddesses and ancient Greeks and Romans.
  2. 2.Tulips – Red tulips means “unconditional love” or “perfect love”. According to a Turkish legend, the meaning of the red tulip came from a sad and tragic story of a prince and the woman he loves. The prince loved the woman so much that, upon discovering that she had been killed, became filled with grief and rode his horse over a cliff and died. Then a red tulip sprang out of the earth from the prince’s blood.
  3. 3. Orchids – Orchids symbolize beauty, wisdom, refinement, and love. They are rare and exotic flowers. Giving orchids show how much you appreciate your partner’s love and beauty, and also their strength.
  4. 4. Dahlias – Dahlias symbolize elegance, beauty, and dignity. They also represent unbreakable bonds. These flowers are perfect if you want to show how committed you are to your partner.
  5. 5. Bird of Paradise – This flower symbolizes faithfulness and joy. It’s a 9th wedding anniversary flower, which is why it’s a perfect gift for your partner to show how much you value her and your relationship.

Our Favourite Flower Ideas

Roses have been part of the Valentine’s Day tradition for a very long time. Now, it’s just a matter of which arrangement to get. Choosing the perfect rose bouquet can be a little tricky, that’s why we’ve listed some of our most favourite flower bouquets to help!




They say that “The more the merrier!” It’s true! Our Roses in Round Flower Box have many fully-bloomed, mesmeric roses held together marvellously is a divine sight to behold. Magnificent is the word as the number of roses increase when complimented with our minimalistic-designed flower bucket.




The Valentine's Rose with Champagne & Chocolate is the perfect gift to show your love and feelings to your special someone on Valentine's Day. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one and enjoy it with the champagne included in this gift.




We absolutely adore the Romantic Roses with Wooden Box for Valentine's day. Muted colors are excellent for a special holiday, especially if your loved one is used to red roses and bold colors. The seasonal foliage provides an elegant backdrop for any type of celebration. They are romantic and sweet.




Last but certainly not the least, the 99 Roses Bouquet for Valentine's Day is the perfect way to show your love this Valentine's Day. With this gorgeous bouquet of 99 long stemmed red roses, your special someone will definitely be in awe of this beauty.


Showing someone how much you love them is the essence of Valentine’s Day. So don’t forget to show up with an amazing bouquet of flowers and make your special someone feel loved and adored this Valentine’s Day.