What Is Chinese Valentine’s Day?

Chinese Valentine’s Day is always held on the seventh day of the Chinese calendar’s seventh lunar month. The day commemorates a love story about a daughter of the Emperor of Heaven who was separated from her great love by being placed on a star called Vega. On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, the two are reunited for one day.


This story has been passed down over hundreds of years. Of course, there are several different ways to tell the story, but the message tends to remain the same. It reveals the story of a true love that is desperate but passionate.


Celebrating Chinese Valentine’s Day

Today, many people celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day by visiting a matchmaker in the hopes of finding love. The matchmaker works to find a suitable love interest for each of the individuals, ensuring that they are happy in their romantic futures.


Praying for true love and possibly upcoming marriage is also one way people remember this day. Those who long for a love of their own spend time wishing for romance in the near future, optimistically waiting.


Some women also celebrate the day by participating in domestic crafts. This is meant to show that they are prime candidates for marriage. It is also a way to commemorate the daughter in the tale that establishes the history of the holiday.


Finally, it is important to note that couples will often exchange gifts, letters, and other trinkets to show their love and affection for each other. Gifts often include flowers and chocolates, much like other romantic holidays. It is also customary to go out to dinner and generally just enjoy spending the day together.


The Ideal Flowers for Chinese Valentine’s Day

If there is somebody you love this Valentine’s Day, it is always a good ideas to send a message that you care. Flowers offer significant meaning, so it is especially important to take the time to find the right color and variety on this special day.


Roses are a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift, especially in a roaring red hue. These roses send the message that you are deeply in love, passionately so. Of course, purple is also a great color for roses, along with yellow as a show of friendship.


Of course, flowers aren’t the only good gift for Chinese Valentine’s Day. Any items meant to induce relaxation are a good idea. Candles, bubble bath, and other presents all help to create a romantic atmosphere.


Our Chinese Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

There are so many Valentine’s Day gifts available that you may have trouble choosing just one. Fortunately, we offer a variety of gifts that you can select from. Our presents include floral bouquets, gift hampers, and so much more.




The Roses Only Bouquetis perfect for a romantic occasion, especially because you can select for it to come with 12, 24, 36, or 50 stems of roses. Deep scarlet roses express passionate emotions that words often can’t.





We also recommend the Spring Scents gift. This box of flowers is very romantic, making it a perfect choice for Chinese Valentine’s Day this year. The roses offer a lovely foundation for the rest of the gift, which includes a lovely jasmine candle and relaxing bath salts.





Our Stylish Purple Roses Bouquet is perfect for Valentine’s Day this year if you are looking for a more casual gift. The purple hyacinthus and seasonal foliage work together to create a beautiful explosion of color.





The Pink & Purple Roses Bouquet for Valentine’s Day is perfectly named for the occasion. Pink flowers represent love and appreciation, whereas purple is representative of loyalty and royalty.



When you buy a present for Chinese Valentine’s Day, you are buying more than a tangible item. You are also showing support for somebody that you care about. You are telling this person that they matter to you.