Mothers are created to love us.From the moment we are born, our mothers, are there to protect, caress, and love us unconditionally. Whether it is offering the safety of their hand as we take our first steps, spending time with us playing the silliest of games, cooking our favourite dishes, or satisfying every incessant demand that only a child can pose, mothers have taken care of our every need.

As we grow older, while the amount of time we spend with our mothers reduces, their love, and support in our lives remains a constant. They are always present, as pillars of strength, as our confidants, and as our most enthusiastic well-wishers.

While we all need to appreciate our mothers every single day, it is only befitting to have a day dedicated to the expression of our love for them.

Many countries across the world now celebrate Mother’s Day each year, with most celebrating the festival on the second Sunday in May which means that this year, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on 11th May. Let us explore the evolution of this festival, as well as the present day Mother’s Day gifting customs.

History of Mother’s Day

The earliest celebrations of Mother’s Day trace to the pre-Christian era. The Greeks celebrated an annual spring festival in dedication of the Goddess Rhea, the mother of many Greek Gods. Ancient Romans too celebrated a similar festival called ‘Hilaria’, in dedication to the mother goddess Cybele.

Early Christians held an annual celebration in dedication of Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. Later on in England, this festival evolved as a celebration of all mothers, and was called ‘Mothering Sunday’. Held on the fourth Sunday of Lent, Mothering Sunday was commemorated with a church service, followed by children gifting flowers and gifts to their mothers.

However, the custom of Mothering Sunday ended in the 19th century, only to be revived by Americans as the modern day Mother’s Day celebrations that we know.

Recent evolution of Mother’s Day

In 1872, activist and writer Julia Ward Howe came in to prominence through her writings against the American Civil War. She relentlessly campaigned for June 2 to be marked as Mother’s Day. To her celebrating Mother’s day was a way of spreading the message of peace in a country torn by war.

It was ultimately American Anna Jarvis, who succeeded in establishing Mother’s Day. Although not a mother herself, Anna Jarvis wanted to fulfil her own mother’s wishes of recognizing the unsung contribution of all mothers.

After her mother’s death in 1905, Anna Jarvis commemorated her mother’s memory by sending carnations to church, as a symbol of a mother’s pure love. In addition, she started lobbying for declaring an official Mother’s Day holiday in the US. In 1911, the then American President declared that second Sunday in May was to be celebrated every year as Mother’s Day.

Although Anna succeeded in realising her mother’s dreams, she was not entirely happy with what she perceived to be the commercialisation of the festival over the years.

Mother’s Day celebrations across the world

Today Mother’s Day has become a popular festival in countries across the globe, from US, Canada, UK, and Denmark to Turkey, Canada, India, Japan, and Australia, and many more.

In the US, Mother’s Day is a national holiday and is among the top festive celebrations in the country, along with Christmas and Valentine’s. Not surprising then that as per Hallmark, Mother’s Day is the third largest card-sending occasion.

In some families, grandchildren also give Mother’s Day gifts to their grandmothers. In countries such as Mexico and Ireland, visiting the Church is an important part of the celebrations.

Whether it is gifting cards, presents and flowers, serving breakfast in bed, or simply spending the whole day together, everyone has their own way of making their mother feel special and loved.

Flowers – the most popular Mother’s Day gift

While diamonds may be a woman’s best friend, flowers gifted by a loved one, never fail to put a big smile on her face and make her feel truly appreciated.

Across the world, flowers are the most popular Mother’s Day gift. Just as Anna Jarvis dedicated carnations to her mother, the custom of wearing and sending colourful carnations lives on. Other popular flowers on Mother’s Day are roses, tulips, lilies, and orchids.

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Justin Chung