Millions of people throughout the world work as administrative professionals. These people do much of the work other professionals do not have time to do. They may spend their days answering phones, arranging schedules, filing papers, meeting with clients and much more. The scope of work that these professionals do has expanded in recent years. Many of their roles are those that exist as the foundation of a company. For this reason, it makes sense that we should be appreciative of these administrative employees.

What is Administrative Professional’s Day?

April 23, 2014 is also known as Administrative Professional’s Day. This holiday is celebrated as part of Administrative Professional’s Week to honor those who work as receptionists, administrative assistants, secretaries and other supporting staff members. All around the world, people celebrate their staff members with cards, gift certificates, fancy lunches, gift baskets and more. Some businesses even offer opportunities for advancement and career improvement in the form of training or educational opportunities. Of course, flowers are the ultimate way to show your administrative professionals that you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Best of all, there are so many options available.

How did such a holiday come about?

Today, Administrative Professionals’ Day, which is also known as Secretaries Day, is an unofficial holiday celebrated throughout the world. It got its start in 1952, when employers first observed the first National Secretaries Week. Harry Klemfuss was working with Young and Rubicam, a marketing and communications company, when he decided to recognize just how valuable his secretaries were to the business.

Of course, Klemfuss had a goal in doing so. He wanted to encourage more women to become secretaries, as this was the general demographic of administrative professionals at this time. As a skilled public relations expert, Klemfuss was able to spread the word quite effectively. Other companies and executives got on board with the idea, recognizing the benefits of training administrative professionals to become better at their jobs.

Today, a combination of men and women fill the roles of secretaries. In 2000, the holiday was renamed Administrative Professionals Week so that it would encompass a wide variety of support staff members. Today, we celebrate this special week (and holiday) to recognize the skilled efficiency that exists at the foundation of a business, and to show that working as an administrative professional is an excellent career choice.

Choosing the Perfect Flowers

So which flowers should you consider gifting your administrative assistant? For starters, let’s take a look at some of the common meanings associated with flowers. This will help you avoid a potentially embarrassing mistake.

The azalea is a symbol of abundance – perfect for the amount of appreciation you want to convey. When paired with baby’s breath, which represents festivity, it makes for a lovely bouquet.

Carnations come in a variety of colors, and each one has its own meaning. For example, pink carnations represent gratitude – a fine choice for your employees. White carnations represent remembrance and yellow carnations are designated for cheerful occasions. Any of these colors are a great choice for Administrative Professionals Day. They also look fantastic when paired with gerberas!

Chrysanthemums make for beautiful gifts for your administrative professionals. Bronze chrysanthemums represent excitement, white represents truth and red represents sharing. They are also very easy to pair with other flowers.

While the sunflower traditionally represents adoration, it has become quite a casual flower in recent years. It is much more reminiscent of the sun and spending time outdoors. Gift Flowers HK offers a Mixed Roses and Sunflowers Bouquet that is simply stunning. The sunflowers tone down the formality of the roses to create a more casual bouquet. Of course, you can always opt for a simple sunflower bouquet as well. Either assemblage will show that you truly appreciate your employees.

The Mixed Ranunculus and Tulips bouquet is a great choice to share with your staff members. The ranunculus symbolizes radiance, but it can also be quite casual. If you are looking for a unique flower, this is a great choice.

The daisy symbolizes innocence, and it is also a very friendly flower. There is something youthful about the daisy, making it a great reminder for the administrative professional who needs a joyful boost in her day.

The gardenia and geranium are both excellent choices for floral arrangements and bouquets. The gardenia represents joy and the geranium represents comfort. What administrative professional wouldn’t love a beautiful bouquet representing both of these qualities?

If you are looking to spruce up the scent of your office, consider passing along a beautiful bouquet of lavenders. These flowers are known for their ability to soothe and calm. Your entire office will reap the benefits of this beautiful arrangement.

Finally, you might consider tulips. These flowers are beautiful and simple, reminiscent of springtime. Pink tulips symbolize caring, while purple are representative of royalty. You should avoid red and yellow tulips, as these are symbols of love.

The Perfect Gift for Your Administrative Employees

With so many amazing products available, finding the perfect products, gift boxes and gift hampers can be a challenge. Fortunately, at Gift Flowers HK and Gift Hampers HK, there are plenty of wonderful gifts that help spread the message of how much you appreciate your employee’s service. These gifts are a great choice:

-          Gerberas Bouquet

Gerberas offer bright blooms that look beautiful on a desk, shelf or counter. They come in beautiful colors like yellow and pink. They are truly reminiscent of springtime and all that the season has to offer.


-          Fresh Fruit Gift Hamper

What could be more exciting than receiving the gift of delicious snacks? This is the perfect basket for somebody who wants to be healthy and still enjoy a delicious kiwi, orange, plum, blueberry, dragon fruit or melon. Plus, it makes for an excellent group gift.


-          Mixed Color Carnations Bouquet

This gorgeous assortment of carnations shows that you truly care about and appreciate your administrative employees. These flowers are casual and come in a variety of colors.


-          Thankful Gift

The Thankful Gift is a hamper full of delicious treats for your administrative professional. Your employee will receive chocolate chip English biscuits, green tea, hot chocolate sticks and rosemary crackers to enjoy at home or share with the office.


-          Sunflower Bouquet

There is no flower more reminiscent of sunshine and the outdoors than the sunflower. These flowers look beautiful anywhere, and will remind your staff member that they are a joy to have around.


-          Hydrangea Bouquet with a Vase

This bouquet of hydrangeas is simply gorgeous – a true sign of appreciation. This is a casual gift that your staff members will enjoy.


-          Joyful Time

This gift hamper is full of delectable goodies, including cookies and tea. Your administrative assistants will have plenty to share. This is an excellent treat for several assistants to share.


Decking out your administrative assistant’s quarters with flowers will show him or her that they are surrounded by people who understand just how important their job is.

Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week

Today, Administrative Professionals Week (and its official day) are largely observed in the workplace. It is typically celebrated in the last complete week of April. That week’s Wednesday is always Administrative Professionals Day. Don’t forget to show your administrative employees that you appreciate all their hard work – send a beautiful bouquet as a reminder of their talent and professional dedication!

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Justin Chung