Reasons to be Proud that you're single

Posted on in Blogs by Gift Flowers HK

 Do you ever lament over the fact that you’re single? Are you sad when you see your Facebook friends out on date nights? Perhaps you do not need to fear being single any longer. Chinese Singles’ Day may be the answer to your problems. Instead of dreading weekend nights, you can feel proud to be solo.

Seasonal Flower Guide: Autumn

Posted on in Blogs by Gift Flowers HK

Autumn is the perfect time to select flowers for somebody you care about. Imagine the smell of the air and the changing leaves as seasons turn and you present a lovely bouquet to that somebody special.

Simply Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Teachers

Posted on in Blogs by Iris Hung

 On World Teacher’s Day, the goal is to show appreciaion to the teachers who are making a difference in education. These are people who are important to the development of your children or even yourself.Teachers make a huge impact on the lives of those close to us. Why not celebrate their hard work this year on World Teacher’s Day?

2017 Chinese Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Posted on in Blogs by Iris Hung

 Chinese Valentine’s Day, also known as the Qixi Festival, will be held on August 28th this year. There are many other names for the holiday, including the Double Seven Festival and The Daughter’s Festival. No matter how you intend to celebrate this year, there are some things you might want to know about the day to make it all the more special.

Guys Guide to Giving Flowers

Posted on in Blogs by Gift Flowers HK

For the man looking to surprise a woman with flowers, the choices are abundant. It is finding the right floral arrangement that speaks on your behalf that is the difficult part. It is customary to give presents to the woman you care about on special occasions like Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary. If you are stuck trying to figure out if an occasion calls for flowers or if you are still trying to figure out which flowers to buy, this guide will help you make a decision.

What Flower Stands for Friendship?

Posted on in Blogs by Carmen Ng

While flowers often have a romantic connotation, many floral bouquets are sent as a symbolic gesture of friendship. Friendship Day, which occurs in Hong Kong on the first Sunday of August, is the perfect opportunity to send a friendly gift. Not sure how to celebrate Friendship Day? This guide will show you how to celebrate this fun day.

Baby's Breath Wedding Flowers

Posted on in Blogs by Connie Cheung

Baby’s breath is a simple, unassuming flower at first sight. It is often tucked away between other flowers that steal the show. While baby’s breath may not be the most common flower, it often serves as a delicate backdrop. Isn’t it about time that we paid more attention to the use of baby’s breath as a lovely flower for weddings and other special occasions?

Seasonal Flower Guide-Summer

Posted on in Blogs by Connie Cheung

Summer gives us its very own reason to celebrate, doesn’t it? The sun is shining and the air is heating up, creating a warm paradise. Spending time on vacation  and with family is great on its own, but there are also some other perks of this season. One benefit of summer?

Graduation Flowers Guide

Posted on in Blogs by Simona Mok

As Hong Kong university graduation season approaches, you may be searching for the perfect gift for the new graduate in your life. Graduation is always a situation to celebrate, especially as the former students embark on new adventures in their lives. This guide will help you find the perfect gift for new grads.

Flower Arrangements Perfect for Dads

Posted on in Blogs by Gabriel Fu

Father’s Day presents the ideal opportunity to show your father just how much all his dedication has meant to you over the years. If you are not yet sure how you are going to celebrate your dad this year, this guide will help you find an excellent gift.

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