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Archive: July 2018

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  1. Girly Gift Ideas for your BFF

    HGirly Gift Ideas for your BFF

    Planning to pick up flowers for a girl and you don’t know which ones to choose for her? If the person you are gifting is a typical girly girl then be assured she will appreciate the power of all things pink. So, why not pick up the best pink blooms ...

  2. Rose colors and its meaning

    HRose colors and its meaning

    Since ancient times people have believed in the concept of assigning symbolic meaning to flowers. Flowers are given meaning depending on their species or their color. Roses are in general depicted as the symbol of love, however different colors of roses depict different shades of meaning.

  3. Mix and Match – Tips for Mixed Flower Bouquet

    HMix and Match – Tips for Mixed Flower Bouquet

    Just like humans, each flower is unique. They are all characterized by their color, form and scent. While creating a colorful mixed flower bouquet, you need to understand that it is similar to gathering different people for one occasion. Some flowers go well with others, while some stand out alone. ...